700,000 Condom Shipment Disappears: Like Carrying Nothing At All

Leaning ShipmentNews out of Kuala Lampur this morning says Malaysian officials are investigating the disappearance of a shipment of 700,000 ultathin condoms headed for Japan.

Sagami Rubber Industries, Japan`s first condom maker, said last week that the shipment was loaded into a container at its factory in northern Malaysia, but that it was empty with the locks replaced when it arrived in Tokyo.

The shipment of prophylactics, which the maker says are 14 percent thinner, was worth $1.5 million at Japanese retail prices.

Apparently, goods being shipped out of Malaysia go missing routinely, often inside jobs, freight forwarders say.  Given the locks, seals and checklists provided along the way, they are confident they will nab the condom capers.

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