Bees Aren’t The Only Things That Fly – Bleep Count ‘Bidder Bee-ware’ [Shipping Wars]

Bleep Count ep 47_edited-1

In Episode 47, “Bidder Bee-ware” we got caught in a swarm of bleeps. When Marc hauled almost 4 million bees over 1,000 miles, he not only lost some of his load, the bees stung repeatedly and consequently let some curse words fly. The bees coaxed a whopping 17 bleeps from Marc, raising his total score to 30.  This total puts him above Chris and Robbie on the Bleep Meter. Although Marc put in some serious work for the bleep count this week, he is still nowhere near close to reaching Roy’s total of 52. (Two more went up this week for Roy.) Jarrett, Chris and Robbie stayed clean this week and Jenn threw out one curse word. Kourtney and Tish Boden, the new members of the cast let one bleep fly this week on their haul with seven dollhouses.

Tune in next week to get the final count for Season Four of ‘Shipping Wars’ bleeps.

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