Blondes and Bleeps – Courtney and Chelsea Curse The Eels [Shipping Wars]

Bleep Count ep 46

Accompanying the introduction of two new haulers–a pair of blondes named Courtney and Chelsea–the bleep count put up considerable tally marks. Even though Roy didn’t land a shipment this week, he contributed three bleeps. Marc agreed to mentor Jarrett this episode and as you can imagine, working with Jarrett was a challenge, causing Marc to put up two new tally marks. Jarrett scraped by with only one beep while working with Marc.

The most bleeps this week came from the two newest cast members. Courtney and Chelsea got on the board with five total bleeps in their premiere episode. While the girls were loading and unloading the shark and eels they had some close encounters of the animal kind. Can you blame them for cursing?

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