Meet Chris and Robbie from Shipping Wars

C&R ProfileMeet Chris and Robbie – the latest members of the Shipping Wars crew. These two certainly don’t scream “trucker” at first glance, but don’t be fooled. They know what they’re doing, and they do it exceptionally well.

Although new to the cast, Chris has been a part of the uShip family since 2008. He created his account, FCCLLCTransport, to transport a little bit of everything. Now, with Robbie’s help on the administrative side, this transporter specializes in transporting high end boats. This transition was only natural, as Chris has a lifetime of experience around boats. Together they’ve earned FCCLLCTransport uShip’s highest rank – Platinum Power Carrier.

The couple has been together for one year but originally met in college. Their combined forces make for an exciting and successful life on the road. Robbie handles the paperwork, bidding, bookings and all other back-end tasks, while Chris is the expert driver. During their trips, the back seat of Chris’ GM 3500 22.5 semi belongs to their 12-year old golden retriever, Gixxer, who has actually been with the business longer than Robbie has.

Chris’ company, Florence County Cycles LLC, has evolved immensely over the past few years. When he started, he was able to build his business quickly using his modified truck that ran off of restaurant grease. This allowed him to place remarkably competitive bids while providing top-notch service. Unfortunately this truck is no longer with him, but FCCLCCTransport is committed to technologically advanced, Eco-friendly business operations.

Although the reality of Shipping Wars hasn’t quite hit Robbie, Chris says that he and the transport industry are made for this. “I’ve said forever that my life could be a reality TV show.”

So buckle up and get ready for all the ship that Shipping Wars Season 2 has in store!

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