What an Un-bee-lievable Mess – Four Million Bees and a Dusty Dollhouse [Shipping Wars Recap]

Load 1 Ep 47 - Bees

26,000 Pounds of Live Bees 

Marc really set himself up to show just what a pro hauler he is by hauling over 4 million bees this week. Marc loaded his flatbed up to capacity with bee hives traveling 1,200 miles from North Carolina to Michigan.  You definitely wouldn’t want to pass Marc Springer on the road with your windows rolled down during this load; the bees were flying out of the hive almost the whole trip. There’s no telling how many bees he left behind but Marc made out with only minor injuries, $1,500 in profit and 4 stars from the customer.

Load1 Ep 47 - Dollhouse


Kourtney and Tish Boden made their debut on ‘Shipping Wars’ set on proving they can stand up to the existing cast’s standards shipping by their motto, “Money, Power, Respect.” The couple’s first uShip shipment of two dollhouses started out on an emotional note when the first dollhouse owner put a lot of personal touches into the house. When the Bodens get to the second pick up location, they were forced to wade through a mess of clutter and were surprised with a sixth dollhouse. Tish Boden really showed her stuff when she negotiated for extra money and defended their hauling professionalism when the houses arrived in less than desirable condition. (That’s the way the Bodens found them at the pickup location.) The new couple make it to the drop off on time with one minute to spare and the couple came away from their first uShip load with $700 in profit and 4 stars from the customer.

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