Wheels on the Pub Go Round and Round – Arcade Games and Bicycle Pub [Shipping Wars Recap]

Load 1 Ep 48 - Pedal Pub

Pedal Pub:

Jarrett doesn’t think through loading the Pedal Pub before he goes to pick it up (surprise! surprise!), even after studying under Marc two weeks ago. After loading the Pedal Pub with some help from the customer, Jarrett decides to pick up a side load of sod. The sod turns out to be a stinker of a load with fire ants, smelly poop-filled grass and more of a time commitment than Jarrett anticipated. When he drops the grass off, the customer only gives him two stars. After Jarrett unloads and the customer checks out the pub, Jarrett makes out with a nice $1,100 profit and four stars. It seems as though he did learn something from Marc, after all.

Load 2 Ep 48 - Arcade Games

Arcade Games

Jenn almost overbooks her trailer when she takes on a few extra arcade games at the customer’s request on top of the load she already picked up–seven arcade games! “I wasn’t the best at playing Tetris,” Jenn said. Boy, did she mean it! When she shows up at the second location, things look a little tight for Jenn’s trailer. After some re-arranging in both Jenn’s truck bed and trailer, she gets all of the arcade games to fit. Though the road was bumpy, the arcade game made it safely and the customer gave her four stars.

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