Channel 19 Blog: Marc Springer’s Top Truck Add-Ons from GATS

Marc OverdriveLast weekend, nearly 50,000 people, including thousands of owner-operators, company drivers and over-the-road haulers, descended on Dallas, Texas, for the Great American Trucking Show (or GATS).

‘Shipping Wars’ star and writer of the ‘On The Marc’ series Marc Springer accompanied uShip to the show and caught up with Todd Dills from Overdrive Online to chat about some of the things he’d seen while at the show.

As Marc explored the array of company booths at GATS, he made note of a few products that he felt would be beneficial add-0ns to various truck types on the road, helping improve the efficiency and earning potential of an operation.

The list of Marc’s top 5 add-ons seen at GATS include the Pittsburgh Powerbox, the M2 Multi-hitch, Cargo Cookie, Healthy Battery solar panels and Counteract Balancing’s balancing beads.

Read the full article from Todd Dills at Overdrive’s Channel 19 blog: “One owner-operator’s top 5 add-ons showcased at GATS.”



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