Innovate in Oversized Delivery to Compete with Amazon

By Dean Jutilla, uShip // This article was originally published by Multichannel Merchant on July 31st, 2018 It can’t be overstated how Amazon has been the engine behind ecommerce’s explosive growth. The 100 million products Amazon claimed it sold during its recent Prime Day only underscore its impact. Logistically, offering free two-day shipping has completely… Read More

Going the Distance: Last Mile vs. First-to-Last Mile Delivery

When it comes to shipping, the bigger the item, the more complicated logistics can become. Big stuff, of course, is having quite a surge in the e-commerce space. While 22 percent of Americans report having purchased an oversized item online in the past year, 21 percent of those report that their item arrived damaged. The… Read More

Managing Quotes and Shipments from the Road? Let uShip Do It

Siri. Alexa. Google. Cortana. These robot assistants may not sing like Cher and Madonna, but they’re still instantly recognizable with just one name. Households around the world trust these ladies to lock up the house, turn off the stove, keep track of appointments, watch the weather, and so much more. But when we unleash these… Read More

New uShip App: Easier Booking, Better Communication for Carriers

Remember when the iPhone was making its initial splash into our collective consciousness, being touted along with its App Store counterpart with the line “there’s an app for that”? It’s hard to imagine whether those marketers knew just how true their tagline would ring for years to come. It’s true–whatever you want to do on… Read More