Etsy Seller Brings The ‘Streets of London’ Home

When Gillian Zonruiter left England to live in the US, she couldn’t have predicted the disappointment she’d find in, well, what she didn’t find. Her love for English furniture was met with a totally lacking market for the distinctively styled pieces. She quickly realized that if she wanted access to this type of furniture, it… Read More

Introducing Exclusive Shipments: Select Carriers’ Connection to Fast-booking Business Shippers

When reliable business shippers and reputable carriers team up, everyone wins. Introducing a powerful new feature that will bring together the best of business shippers and the best carriers on uShip: Exclusive Shipments. With this feature, partners can create curated lists of carriers and offer them exclusive access to their shipments. uShip partners are reliable online… Read More

uShip + Etsy: Connecting Small Sellers With Big Shipping Solutions

The explosive emergence of the marketplace economy has opened the doors for retailers micro to macro to sell anything and everything online. Etsy, the creative marketplace for artists and sellers across the globe, is a leader in enabling these sellers to do business. With this opportunity come challenges, notably, the challenge of shipping. The Perfect… Read More

Innovate in Oversized Delivery to Compete with Amazon

By Dean Jutilla, uShip // This article was originally published by Multichannel Merchant on July 31st, 2018 It can’t be overstated how Amazon has been the engine behind ecommerce’s explosive growth. The 100 million products Amazon claimed it sold during its recent Prime Day only underscore its impact. Logistically, offering free two-day shipping has completely… Read More

Going the Distance: Last Mile vs. First-to-Last Mile Delivery

When it comes to shipping, the bigger the item, the more complicated logistics can become. Big stuff, of course, is having quite a surge in the e-commerce space. While 22 percent of Americans report having purchased an oversized item online in the past year, 21 percent of those report that their item arrived damaged. The… Read More