Managing Quotes and Shipments from the Road? Let uShip Do It

Siri. Alexa. Google. Cortana. These robot assistants may not sing like Cher and Madonna, but they’re still instantly recognizable with just one name. Households around the world trust these ladies to lock up the house, turn off the stove, keep track of appointments, watch the weather, and so much more. But when we unleash these… Read More

New uShip App: Easier Booking, Better Communication for Carriers

Remember when the iPhone was making its initial splash into our collective consciousness, being touted along with its App Store counterpart with the line “there’s an app for that”? It’s hard to imagine whether those marketers knew just how true their tagline would ring for years to come. It’s true–whatever you want to do on… Read More

How A Decade of uShip Makes One Shipper Feel Like Family

Matt Adams has been using uShip since the early days. He lives in San Diego, but is originally from Montana. He’s got a home up there, so he’s been shipping things back and forth for years. uShip has been his go-to source for more than ten years to ship furniture, a boat, an RV, and… Read More

Jackpot: ‘Platinum Ship’ Wins $5,000 in uShip’s Car Carrier Contest

When folks on uShip select Platinum Ship as their transport company, they often report on the company’s first-rate service, timely delivery, professional communication, and reliability. That’s why we were delighted to see the company randomly selected as the winner of $5,000 in our recent car and truck shipping contest. Platinum Ship had a somewhat curious… Read More

A Decade of uShip in the UK: By The Numbers

When we started uShip, it was a mission to create a smarter, more efficient way to transport big and bulky stuff, using already available truck space. We started our business in Austin, Texas, and naturally, expanded our footprint as we grew. In 2009, we crossed the pond and began operations in the U.K. Nearly a… Read More

Top 12 Cool & Weird Vintage Shipments of 2018

When you run a shipping marketplace, it’s inevitable that you end up seeing some pretty odd items come through. From two tons of beer, to a horde of tiny homes to an actual replica of The Mystery Machine, not much is off limits when it comes to shipping weird stuff through uShip. So we decided… Read More