Inboxes, Rejoice! Saved Search Daily Emails Are Back

Hey transporters (and your inboxes), this one goes out to you. Do you long for the days when you could set up a once-daily, recurring email that would keep you up to date with all the results of your saved searches, all in one clean, organized list? We’re proud to announce the return of our… Read More

How Salad is Growing High Tech in uShip’s Backyard

Imagining a backyard garden typically elicits notions of a dirt plot, some feeble stalks of greens and a whole lot of legwork. While so many would-be gardeners have dreams of fertile grounds and bountiful harvests, successfully growing your own produce – and enough of it –  can be challenging. Recognizing this issue – but intent… Read More

How to Turn Angry Customers into Happy Referrals

They say you’re only as good as your last shipment. That’s because how you handle inevitable exception freight with customers – especially angry customers – can impact that business relationship in both the short and long term. Here are a few pointers on how to reduce stressful shipping situations and calm that angry customer: Take… Read More

How Snowbirds Influenced our 2018 Shipping Trend Report

America is a mobile nation. With more than 46,000 miles of interstate highways connecting the states from the Pacific Northwest to New England, Appalachia to the Southwest and everywhere in between, we’ve got more than a few seasonal nomads who use these roads to chase the sun – or snow – annually. While historically, snowbirds had to… Read More

uShip’s Thank You to Its Founding Mother

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mum. Mummy. Madre. Ma. No matter what special name you have for your mom, one thing’s for sure: we wouldn’t be here without these incredible women. IT ALL STARTED WITH MOM Here at uShip, Mother’s Day holds a special place in our hearts.  As the story goes, it was the year 2000. The… Read More