A Beautiful Day in the Riverhood

As lucky inhabitants of the best city in the U.S., uShippers take great pride in the lively, vibrant oasis that is Austin, Texas. Whether we’re patronizing one of the quirky dive bars, legendary live music venues, or soaking up the bluest skies around on our greenbelt, we Austinites love our city. At uShip, we’re especially… Read More

30-Year Ritchie Bros. Buyer Switches Shipping to uShip

It’s a balmy Monday in Orlando, Florida. The Ritchie Bros. auction site is as expansive as it is bustling. Scott M. has come from Michigan in search of an excavator, hoping to bring home one of 760 up for auction. He’s one of more than 13,000 attendees at Ritchie Bros. Orlando, the auctioneer’s largest event… Read More

5 Common Freight Rebills and How to Avoid Them

Surprises are great when it comes to birthday parties and free lunches, but never in the world of freight shipping. When your freight is on the line, boring old predictability is the best case scenario. In the unpredictable LTL shipping industry, where potential issues are waiting around every corner, rebills are the bane of every… Read More

How to Ship a Car From Craigslist

Ah, Craigslist. Few websites that carry such an intriguing combination of effectiveness and lack of aesthetic. And yet, it’s a car-buyer’s dream. Millions of of people purchase vehicles both peer-to-peer and from dealerships using the prolific website. So, if you’ve purchased a car via Craigslist and need to ship it to you or elsewhere, where… Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Car Shipping Insurance

When you’re ready to ship your car, knowing you’ve got the right insurance coverage to keep you protected is essential to your peace of mind, and for many – your sanity. Remember, less than five percent of cars transported sustain any damage, but erring on the side of protection is always worthwhile. Check out these guidelines… Read More

Which Type of Vehicle Transport Is Right For Your Vehicle?

Once you’ve decided to ship your vehicle, one of the most important questions is what transport method is best for you. You’ll need to take into account your timeline, budget and the condition and durability of your vehicle to decide. If you’re not sure which method is right for you, asking service providers who’ve provided… Read More

How to Ship Classic and Antique Cars

Classic cars can hardly be lumped into the same class as the average daily driver. These handsome implements of yesteryear – often older than those who so lovingly restore and maintain them – require careful handling at every turn. So, when it comes time to ship a classic or antique car, arranging the right transport… Read More

What do Expect When You’re Expecting: Vehicle Delivery Edition

For the vast majority of people who are shipping cars, the experience can feel daunting, confusing and mysterious. More often than not, this is the first and only time they’ve shipped a car. But the process should be painless and straightforward. Keep reading to learn the basics of what to expect during vehicle pickup and… Read More

How to Prepare a Car for Shipment

So you’re shipping your car across state lines. You’ve listed it, carefully reviewed quotes, and chosen the perfect transporter. So now what? Preparing your car for shipment shouldn’t be daunting. Less than 5% of vehicles transported endure any sustainable damage, and following these simple steps can help ensure your car isn’t one of them. Inspect… Read More

How to Choose a Vehicle Transporter

Shipping a car can seem like a mammoth undertaking for anyone without experience in the art of auto transport. Who do I hire? How much will it cost? Can I keep track of it the whole time? Is the driver trustworthy? Worry not, shipping customer. uShip makes it easy to ship a car. Our online… Read More