Distributed Operations: How uShip Built a Culture of Code Ownership for Faster Feature Delivery

Article originally published by VictorOps The original all-hands-on-deck culture faltered during growth. Raleigh Schickel, DevOps Manager, has seen uShip evolve from a small team with a few developers, to a larger company with a dev team size of 60 and growing. Initially, everyone was always on-call for their own code. But this culture of ownership… Read More

11 Things You Should Know about Amazon Prime Air

Earlier this week Amazon released actual footage of the first successful Prime Air drone delivery. While the idea is pretty futuristic, in some ways, the delivery raised more questions than it answered. But if you’ve been under a rock and missed all the hype, allow us to get you caught up: earlier this year, Amazon… Read More

uShip Honored with ‘Patriotic Employer’ Award

Deployed soldier and uShip sales team member Lt. Mary Ellen Davenport honored her fellow colleagues with the Patriotic Employer Award last week. After working at uShip for a couple years, Davenport left for deployment last summer with the U.S. Army Reserves. While she is away serving her country, her desk and team await her safe return…. Read More

Self-Driving Semis: Otto Makes Its Second Delivery

About a month ago the country watched as Otto’s self-driving truck made its first successful delivery. The 120 mile trek from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Colorado, started before dawn and went off without a hitch. Otto hauled 45,000 special edition cans of Budweiser while its driver let go of the wheel on Interstate 25…. Read More

How to Haul the Most Famous Christmas Tree in America

With another Thanksgiving in the books, millions of people are starting their Christmas tree search. Picking just the right one can carry a bit of pressure. Perhaps no one has more pressure picking a tree than Erik Pauze. You’ve probably never heard of Erik. He’s the guy responsible selecting the world’s most visible Christmas tree:… Read More

Veteran’s Day Salute

uShip proudly works alongside more than 2,000 of our nation’s veterans. Here we take a moment to honor a few who are connected to the uShip family in various ways. We thank each and every one of our military service members for their service to this country, not only today, but everyday. Meet Mary Ellen… Read More

How to go from a Military Veteran to a Civilian Driver

Did you know more than 2,000 veterans are registered on uShip as service providers? While many use our shipping marketplace to earn income, there are a number of programs in place to assist veterans as they return from service. Last year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration funded a $2.3 million grant to help train veterans… Read More

uShip’s Strangest PPC Search Queries

Back in 2011 we compiled a list of uShip’s Top 13 Strangest PPC Search Queries. Now, we’re bringing it back for a 2016 look into The 17 Strangest uShip PPC search queries. When a shipper googles something that brings them to uShip, Google sends us a report of their search query. This helps us get an inside… Read More

The Ultimate Move-In Guide for a College Freshman

Move-in day as a college freshman can be stressful for both you and your parents, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these tips and tricks for making the best out of your move-in day experience. You’re at the very beginning of a very exciting time in your life—plan accordingly. 1. LEARN HOW TO MAKE COFFEE… Read More