Extraordinary Customers Taking Tiny Homes to the Next Level

Tiny homes have become wildly popular due to lifestyle and economical shifts worldwide. uShip has helped drive the movement by helping transport an average of 75 tiny homes across the U.S. annually. One of our frequent customers is Tiny Mountain Houses, a family business on the West Coast run by Lou Pereyra and his sons,… Read More

From Pulling Trailers to Pulling Off Burning Man and the Super Bowl

What do the 2016 Presidential Debates, Burning Man, Formula 1, and the Super Bowl all have in common? They’re all massive events with complex infrastructures requiring power, fuel, and production experts to get off the ground. When the big guys need to power up their massive projects, they look to Haymaker Productions. When Haymaker Productions… Read More

Happier Camper: Retro Chic Meets Modern Versatility

In the Frogtown neighborhood of Los Angeles, a crew of music industry nerds is making something pretty amazing – and it’s not noise. They’re designing and building highly functional retro inspired campers. Their flagship model, the HC1, is now making waves beyond the West Coast – thanks in part to uShip for helping to make… Read More

Dutch Safari Co. – Making Dream Cars Come True

The Dutch Safari Company is a classic cars concierge, working to help get clients into their dream cars. We met with owners, Erica Plumlee and Nick van den Akker, to learn more about this complicated business, and to discover how to make life a never ending safari adventure. Safari Special The fire was sparked when… Read More

How to Ship Two Tons of ‘Teardrops’

Deep in the heart of Texas, there’s a little brewery hell-bent on excellence.   If you’re one of the 24 million annual tourists flocking to Austin over the past six years, you’ve probably heard of Austin Beerworks. In a sense, they’re still the newbies on the scene; and yet,  Austin Beerworks — with its gold… Read More

If You Build It: The Future of Manufacturing

From Rosie the Riveter to advanced robotics, manufacturing evolves into the largest sector of the U.S. economy – while employment continues to drop by the millions. Is it a pivotal moment for this aging industry? Manufacturing – the transformation of raw materials into products – is big business. It happens in large factories and plants,… Read More

Tiny Houses: Transporting Big Dreams in Little Spaces

Tiny Houses are big business as more and more homeowners embrace the allure of downsizing and simplifying their lives. The “less is more” movement results from a decrease in average household sizes, an increase in environmental concerns, and a continuously challenging economy. The lure of self sufficiency, mobility, and debt-free living drives all kinds of… Read More