Moving Itinerary

Ah, summertime. People usually think of swimming, baseball, and vacations during this time of year, but one important thing usually goes unmentioned: moving. As we rapidly approach the busiest time of the year for families, students, individuals and businesses to move their household goods, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as temperatures rise. Don’t sweat it,… Read More

The Different Moving Service Types

You’ve done it. You’re finally ready to make the move into your new home. You’ve thrown out all your unused junk and gotten everything boxed up and ready to go. Now comes the easy part: finding an affordable rate through uShip’s online shipping marketplace, where shipping customers around the world find carriers to transport their… Read More

Full Lakes Means Full Wallets For uShip Boat Transporters

Summer is here and the lakes, rivers, and marinas are filling up more by the day. That can only mean one thing: it’s boat shipping season. Every year, hundreds of thousands of service providers use uShip’s boat shipping marketplace to find loads around the world. Although the items transported through uShip vary from family cats… Read More

June is the Most Active Month for uShip Boat Shipping

2016 is going to be a huge year for boating. Lakes, oceans, and rivers are full to the brim from months of strong El Niño rain showers, allowing cities across the United States to release their flood reservoirs for the first time in years. In fact, uShip’s home base of Austin, TX just opened its… Read More

Meet the Team for Shipping Wars UK Series 2

Ladies and gentleman, the time has come. Shipping Wars UK has returned to C4 for a second series after a year-long hiatus following its Series 2 Finale last February. This is a significant landmark for the show’s growing popularity as it follows in the footsteps of its American predecessor, Shipping Wars, that aired 100 episodes over… Read More

How uShip Offset Over 5,000 Tons of C02 in the Last Decade

Clean shipping through consolidation. Here at uShip, this mantra has fueled our ability to reduce unused truck capacity for millions of people worldwide in an industry often critiqued for its negative environmental impact. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve continued to push for our belief in doing more with less. However, our founder’s implicitly green… Read More