Cash(less) is King: uShip Payments vs. Cash on Delivery

Paying for delivery of large items often leaves many people stumped and inconvenienced when dealing with Cash on Delivery. But a few years ago, uShip developed a slick proprietary system — uShip Payments — to handle this cumbersome task. I recently made two shipments, each arriving to my house at about the same time, but… Read More

How Underestimating Your Stuff Will Cost You on Moving Day

One of the top issues household moves transporters face on uShip is customers who grossly underestimate their actual volume of stuff compared to what’s described in their uShip listing. As I’ve discussed this with transporters, I’ve always made a mental note to avoid being “that guy” on my personal moves. Well, recently, I was “that guy.”… Read More

Most Truckers Prefer This Presidential Candidate in 2016

So, who do most truckers want to see in the White House come November?  uShip set out to find that answer by polling our trucking community, asking them, “Which presidential candidate will most benefit the trucking industry?” Turns out 6 in 10 (60%) say Donald Trump is their man. Nearly 11% want Hillary Clinton, while 7% want… Read More

Smartphones are Improving the Lives of Truckers

If you don’t own a smartphone today, you are part of a dwindling minority. According to recent Nielsen statistics, more than 70 percent of U.S. adults own these devices, with 85 percent of millennials owning a smartphone in the second quarter of 2014. Clearly, age doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to owning cutting-edge mobile… Read More

The New uShip: It’s All About That App

Today, uShip is announcing the next generation of its service, rebuilt around our mobile app, specifically use of real-time location, to create an amazing shipping experience for all our customers. In fact, if uShip started today, this is how we’d do it. But we didn’t start today. Not even close. Over the last 10+ years,… Read More

Shipping Wars Recap: Bands, Barns and Bongs

If all-new Shipping Wars episodes taught us anything it’s that it’s possible to successfully transport the world’s largest water pipe, a robotic animal rock band and a half dozen tornado shelters. Dilapidated horse barn? Not so much.   11-Foot Water Pipe   Marc Springer won the episode’s first shipment, an 11-foot water pipe traveling from Austin to the WeedMaps… Read More

Drones In The Transportation Industry: Could They Replace Truckers?

The Obama administration has made headlines for its continued use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the Middle East, but the robotic flying machines may be making their way into consumer-based industries sooner than later. A recent 60 Minutes report found that Amazon’s Chief Executive, Jeff Bezos, has commissioned a project to explore the use of drone… Read More

Shipping Wars’ Roy Garber Passes Away [uShip Statement]

Roy Garber, star of A&E reality show Shipping Wars and long-time transporter on uShip, has died of a heart attack, according to the show’s production company, Megalomedia.   The story ran on Variety’s Web site Saturday night.  Roy was 49. Garber owned and operated Arbie’s Team Transport out of New Hampshire, along with his son… Read More

They’re Baaack! ‘Shipping Wars’ Season 5 Premieres Dec. 3 @ 10/9c

Marc, Jarrett, Jennifer, Roy, Chris and Robbie are back for more — and they’re going to blow your mind!   The newest season – Season 5 – of A&E’s ”Shipping Wars” (which features uShip) premieres December 3 with back-to-back episodes at 10/9c. Not familiar with Shipping Wars?  No problem.  Here’s what you need to know: The show profiles 6 transporters that not… Read More