Visual Studio+ReSharper-level Productivity in VSCode

Update 2017-05-22: This post originally written for a project.json .NET Core project. It has been edited for a .csproj .NET Core project. Visual Studio Code (aka VSCode) is a lightweight text editor from Microsoft. Many people think just because it is a “text-editor”, they will be missing the features they are used to from an… Read More

Consul Clustering: Our Experience

Introduction Consul is a distributed key-value store, heavily opinionated towards service discovery. If you’re not familiar with the basics of service discovery, Gabriel Schenker, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with, has an excellent introduction to service discovery. In this blog post, we will cover how we set up and expanded our Consul cluster…. Read More

Does your REST API need an SDK?

Introduction When integrating with a platform that offers a REST API, a developer sometimes has the option of downloading the client library in their language of choice, or writing HTTP code themselves to integrate with the API directly. You as an API provider should decide early on if you wish to offer SDKs to your… Read More

uShip at HackTX Fall 2015

Here at uShip, we love hackathons. Recently, some us went down to the University of Texas at Austin’s annual hackathon, HackTX, hosting over 750 students from all over the state. As a company sponsor, we acted as mentors for the student hackers, helping them solve a wide range of problems – anything from general Android… Read More

Actionable RESTful API Errors

No matter how hard your API clients try, they will eventually get back errors from your API. apigee has an excellent blog post describing the reasons why detailed error messages are incredibly important for API client developers when starting to consume your API. When designed and used appropriately, these errors can be immensely useful to… Read More