A Glance at the New uShip

If you visit uship.com today, you’ll notice we are making big changes. We’ve started rebuilding the site and mobile app from the ground up to allow for long term, ongoing improvements in navigation, functionality, and design. Many changes are easy to see — others are more than skin deep. In the immediate term, here’s what… Read More

A uShip Power Carrier’s Success Tips

“Save as much as you can.” Trucking is like any other business. You want to make sure you have a little bit of capital in the bank, and a rainy day fund for when “ship happens.” For instance, Jason’s truck just broke down, costing him $1,500 in repairs, and adding 8 extra days to a… Read More

Giant Space Shuttle Fuel Tanked Hauled Through LA

Yup, that happened. The 150 foot long fuel tank going from New Orleans to California via the Panama Canal was spotted in transport on its way to the California Science Center. At 66,000-pounds, the shuttle fuel tank moved at a speed of 5 mph through LA while being guided by a team of eight men on… Read More

Truck Platooning: The Next Evolution of Driverless Trucks

Driverless trucks and cars are being talked about more and more in the transportation industry. Most recently, in case you missed the news, six groups of driverless trucks made history by completing the first cross-border voyage in western Europe. The future is here. If you find the idea of large trucks careening down roadways unmanned… Read More

Managing Multiple Shipments is Now Easier

If you’re a frequent shipping customer on uShip, managing multiple shipments at once is now easier due to today’s launch of our new My Shipments page. Our original page served us well for a long time. However, it was slow, outdated, and hard to navigate for customers with multiple shipments due to poorly organized information… Read More

How Can We Help You? Introducing uShip’s New Help Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Help Center on uShip! We hope to help our customers find the answers they need faster and easier than ever before. Some highlights include: Smart search – Keyword driven search that allows you to find what you’re looking for without typing out the full question Suggestions… Read More

Shipping Out to Burning Man

As festival season hits full swing, our friends over at Everfest got to wondering how all the outlandish and enormous art installations find their way to festivals like Burning Man. We sat down to do a little digging – below are some of the coolest items ever shipped to the middle of the Black Rock… Read More

This Trick May Forever Change How You Find Shipments on uShip

You’re your own boss. Your own schedule. Your own shipments. That also means trying to run full as much as possible and being a logistical wizard getting it all done. If you haven’t discovered this little trick on uShip when looking for shipments, you just might be leaving a lot of time on the table,… Read More

More Freight, More Money: The 5 Best States for Trucker Wages

Domestic production is alive and well. The most recent PMI and ISM manufacturing indexes placed U.S. manufacturing at a score of 57.1 and 55.8, respectively, meaning the industry is doing well amid an overall economic recovery. As a result, more goods and services need to be transported, shipped and delivered to their end buyers, which… Read More