Hauling with a Hybrid? The Transformation of Pickup Trucks

Traditionally, hybrid cars have been developed by foreign car manufacturers and in smaller sedan models. Until recently, hybrid automobiles were targeted at environmentally focused, eco-friendly drivers. However, Ford Motor Company is making a change to the hybrid paradigm, and it’s not in the form of a sedan, coupe or even an SUV. That’s right, Ford… Read More

The 2014 Best Trucks for Towing

Whether you are picking up hotshot loads or hauling a cross-country move, you are only as reliable as your truck. Listed below are four of the best heavy duty trucks hotshot and independent transporters can buy today: 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty   The U.S. automotive industry has been beaten and battered in recent years. But thanks… Read More

Gas Versus Diesel: Who Wins the Great Debate?

Gas and diesel-fueled engines both offer distinct advantages and drawbacks. In comparison with one another, it’s difficult to determine which is more advantageous in terms of personal or hotshot trucking. Drivers must consider a wide variety of factors when deciding the type of truck they are going to purchase, as these ultimately affect which engine… Read More

Look up! Drones and the Future of Transporting Goods

Last March, CBS’s flagship news program “60 Minutes” reported that Amazon was testing a pilot program that would deliver products to customers’ doorsteps within an hour of being ordered. Sound ludicrous? CEO Jeff Bezos is already toying around with the idea, and per CBS’s report, the ambitious plan could be available to customers in as… Read More

The 10 Best Highway Restaurants in America

Whether you’re hauling a load from coast to coast or simply making a regional delivery, proper nourishment is a necessity on the road. Regardless of the circumstance, an empty stomach deserves high-quality eats. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best highway eateries the country has to offer:   1. Modern Diner, Pawtucket,… Read More

What Freight Can Learn From the ‘Sharing Economy’

Spend any time around tech startup circles today and you’ll quickly come across mention of the Sharing Economy. In fact, you may even be participating in this Sharing Economy right now – and not even know it. This is where companies develop online marketplaces to help people connect with one another, often perfect strangers, over… Read More

Craft Brewers: 3 Tips on How to Ship Your Alcohol Across State Lines

Even the most recreational of drinkers know that alcohol has cemented its place in American folklore over the past two and a half centuries. Major historical events such as the Prohibition Era in the 1920s attempted to outlaw beer, wine and spirits, but the government’s effort was to no avail, as a whole new underground… Read More

America’s Top 5 Must Stop Rest Stops

American infrastructure is laid out in a way that people can pack up their cars and drive to nearly any distant location, time permitting of course. The mere thought of the open road and close companions excites any adventure seeker, and the journey to a new destination is half of the experience, some say. From… Read More

4 Unique eBay Entrepreneurs and the Items they Sold

The auction-based e-commerce site eBay has transformed the way consumers have gone about their online purchases. Its robust marketplace and categories have exponentially grown in the past 16 years, but the general philosophy of creating a bidding war to sell an item has largely remained the same. During its time, eBay has sold millions of… Read More

Top eBay Sellers Of All Time: What Did They Sell?

Internet users would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with the popular e-commerce website eBay. In fact, even most non-tech-savvy people are at least familiar with what the San Jose, California,-based online retailer does, which is why so many consumers have tried their luck in selling various items on its platform. While some… Read More