The 6 Best Biker Rallies In The Country

There’s something about the open road that motorcyclists find appealing. Whether it’s the open air or the thundering rumble of the engine beneath them, bikers are a proud and enthusiastic group of people. It’s this type of passion that translates into what many people believe is a complete lifestyle. Motorcyclists travel great distances just to… Read More

Tips for a Smooth DITY Move

The following is the third post in our miniseries covering Primary Change of Station (PCS) moves by guest blogger Janet McIntosh, Army wife. Once you make the decision to conduct a DITY move you may not know where to start. This may be the first time you have conducted a move on your own.  Well,… Read More

The 5 Best Car Clubs in America

Classic car enthusiasts are a special breed of individual. They pour their hearts and souls into their automobile, which, similar to themselves, is one of a kind. There’s a certain sense of pride that goes along with having a classic vehicle, and like-minded people have been sharing their hobby with one another for quite some… Read More

Best year of the Ford Mustang

The classic American sports car was designed to combine power with elegance and style. A sleek design coupled with high performance under the hood epitomizes the underlying values that this country was founded on. It’s long been debated which company created the initial sports car, The New York Times says. Some say Chevrolet’s Corvette of… Read More

The 5 Coolest Celebrity-Owned Vehicles

The word “cool” has a subjective meaning, but more often than not, when someone owns a lavish piece of property that most can’t afford, people are impressed. A small population in the U.S. is  fortunate enough to be able to buy nearly anything they want, and for some of those individuals, their collection item of… Read More

Land Ahoy! Australian Boating Websites Partner with uShip

uShip has partnered up with two of the largest boating websites in Australia — and the timing couldn’t be better! Coming into the boating season, Australia is preparing for a great summer on the water. Not to mention, business confidence is at a three-year high and the market for boats is better than ever across… Read More

After the Move: 10 Tips for Unpacking

Moving Day is over–you’re tired, sweaty, spent and possibly even abused but you can’t take a show until you find your soap. WHERE DID YOU PACK THAT SOAP? Don’t let unpacking be the worst part of the move, dragging on and on forever. Get your ish together and get it done. These ten things will… Read More

A Dead-Head’s Commute: Moving Your Taxidermy

If you have purchased taxidermy or had your own hunting trophies mounted, you understand the value in taxidermy–it’s not just a belonging, there are emotional ties to the trophy. Move your taxidermy with care so that as it hangs on your wall or sits on a shelf in your new location–it is just as majestic… Read More

The Breaks: Why Big Rigs Are Called “Semis”

Have you ever wondered why there are so many names for the 18-wheeled tractor-trailers traversing America’s highways? Popular nicknames like big rig, semi, and  18-wheeler are all accurate descriptions of these highway monsters.  The origin of “semi,” one of the most commonly heard slang terms, stems from the actual hitch that holds the tractor and… Read More