WTF? Startup Cover Letters That Would Give Bankers a Heart Attack

A couple weeks ago, the blogosphere exploded with an overstated story about an “unapologetically honest” cover letter and its subsequent email chain that went viral on Wall Street. The letter appeared on Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, Gawker, and others. Here’s the cover letter that went viral on Wall Street. Wall Street execs called it… Read More

On the Marc, Step #3 – Getting Your CDL and Jumping Behind the Wheel

If you plan to drive a commercial vehicle or combination of vehicles with gross vehicle weight rating over 26,000 lbs, you need your CDL — or Commercial Driver’s License. I recommend a Class A CDL.  There are other endorsements as well for things like Air Brakes, Mazmat, Doubles and Triples and then Passengers.  Please refer… Read More

On the Marc: How To Start a Successful Trucking Business

  Over the summer, a CNN Money article ran that was titled “Tons of trucking jobs…that nobody wants.“ It basically claimed that during tough economic times with high unemployment,  Americans should be jumping at the chance to work – including trucking, but that with a driver shortage, it seems it’s a job nobody wants. True, there is a shortage… Read More

The Cheapest Way to Move Out of State: Don’t Do It Yourself

What is the absolute cheapest way to move out of state or move your stuff out of storage? The answer is simple: Choose a professional, reliable moving company that actively competes for your business. You might think renting a U-Haul or Penske truck and spending a couple days on the road is the cheapest option for a cross-country move…. Read More

Winter Storage Guide: 5 Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

The storage experts at SpareFoot continue our winter storage series with this quick guide for keeping your motorcycle in working order throughout the coldest months of the year. For boat storage tips, check out “How to Winterize Your Boat.” If you’ve been watching too much Sons of Anarchy lately and somehow found yourself impulse-buying a brand new… Read More

Top 4 Tips for uShip Service Providers – How to Book Loads Like a Pro

Hello Ship Happens service providers! I’m Jessie – long-time uShipper, heavy equipment enthusiast, and most formally, uShip’s Account Management Team Lead in our Community, Trust & Safety department– this means I handle our Power Carrier and Power Broker programs. As an account manager for some of our finest service providers (or pro haulers, transporters, drivers – whichever you prefer), a big… Read More

How to Store a Vehicle the Right Way – Storage Checklist

If you own a vintage or luxury car, you’re probably all too aware of the additional care needed to maintain, transport and store those vehicles. Priority number one is to protect it from the elements and theft. But if you don’t always have an enclosed space in which to store your vehicle, you still have… Read More