Extended Boating Season

Never a better time to buy that new boat, kayak, or sail boat – or – better yet, to find jobs transporting those boats!

In the past few years, many places across the US have sadly seen low water levels in lakes, creeks and ponds, but hopefully this season will prove to change that streak.  The New York Times recently reported that a heavier than normal water runoff from the spring thaw is expected to extend the normal boating and rafting season in the West.  Other lakes, like Lake Fontana in North Carolina, are also seeing a tourism boost this season due to the higher water levels.

In 2000, the US Army Corps of Engineers conducted an interesting study on the relation of lake water levels to the amount of recreational boating around the Great Lakes area.  Their findings seem quite rational; as lake levels lower, the area business and marinas feel the negative effects in their pockets.  Overall, the fewer boating days in a season seem to correlate directly with consumers spending less money on boating.

This is great news for all of those aquaholics out there – and even better news for our boat category Service Providers.  We already know this is a hot season for boat transporting, and it sounds like 2008 will be even busier than normal!  Good luck bidding and happy boating!

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