Shipping a Boat: uShip transporters deliver through smoke, sleet or shine

When uShip transporter Frank Hagwood (windinhair) signed up to ship an antique boat across the southwestern US, he couldn’t have guessed his delivery would be anything but ordinary.

uship boatThough being a full-time trucker has kept him mostly on the road and out of the water – he still appreciates the elegant curves and craftsmanship of a well-built vessel. 20 years of transporting boats has made him a veritable expert, so when a 1937 Gar Wood Custom Utility was listed on uShip, Frank knew he was the man for the job.

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“Gar Woods are handmade one at a time,” Frank said. “It was the only one of this particular series ever made. The boat has metal emblems from the Marines and ‘Semper Fi’ on the back. I have military stickers on the back of my truck, so I was very proud to tow it.”

A silver-level Power Carrier, he let the customer know that the cargo would be insured, and offered his own MC and DOT numbers for added assurance. Later that day, the customer accepted Frank’s bid for the job. Frank set off to transport the boat from Santa Clara, CA to College Station, TX for a charity auction – the proceeds benefitting the Taelor’s House Foundation.

While he was makingthe trek halfway across the country, an ice storm hit as he entered west Texas. Being a pro Frank knew to “slow down, take your time, and be especially careful” which worked… until he saw smoke billowing out from the wheel bearings of the customer’s trailer.

After checking with the customer, Frank had three hubs replaced at an El Paso shop and didn’t stop till he reached his destination. Calamities aside, Frank was able to deliver the boat without a hitch (no pun intended) for the charity auction.

So what drives truckers (ok, we’ll stop) like Frank Hagwood to get the job done, no matter what? “Everyday customers don’t know much about the transportation industry,” Frank said. “So having a solid reputation on uShip for the whole United States to see really means something. We take pride in our hard work, and it’s important that we treat customers like we wish to be treated.”

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