Classic Car Rivalries: Which Contest Takes The Cake?

Classic cars are a status symbol. They say a lot about their owner’s personality and place in the social hierarchy. For some owners, their vehicle is their pride and joy.

For that reason and others, classic car rivalries have emerged among automotive enthusiasts. The definition of what constitutes a vintage vehicle may vary slightly depending on who you ask, but the general idea is usually uniform: a model that has transcended time and remained at the pinnacle of car lovers’ hearts for many years.

With that in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling our take on the three best car rivalries in the business:

Third Place – Chevrolet Corvette vs. Dodge Viper:

92CorvetteThe Chevy Corvette is one of the oldest, best-known pieces of American muscle ever produced on domestic soil. Over its 60-year tenure, the Vette hasn’t deviated much from its original mantra: a long, sleek, two-seated design combined with impressive power under the hood. The domestic-made car had a modest beginning, as just 300 units were produced in 1953, according to Car and Driver.  Yet, the Corvette is in its seventh generation and still going strong.

The Dodge Viper hasn’t been around as long as its counterpart. Now a division of the Chrysler Motor Company, Dodge first featured its take on the American sports car in 1989 as a concept car at Detroit’s Auto Show. Production didn’t begin until 1992, but its design closely resembled the original plans, says. Similar to the Corvette, the Viper also boasts a longer front body and just two seats for the driver and a very lucky passenger.

Second Place – Ferrari vs. Lamborghini:
1980_lamborghiniIt’s almost too difficult to pinpoint a specific model from either side, seeing as both brands are some of the most well-known, revered car companies in the world. The former was started by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as a race team, but the Italian company produced its first road car – the 125S – in 1947, according to Complex Magazine. Ferruccio Lamborghini founded his automotive institution in 1963 after malfunctioning parts of his personal Ferrari left him frustrated and drove him to try and do better. Personal roots lie deep in both Italian giants, as the Lamborghini logo features a picture of a bull, which was the original creator’s zodiac sign, the History Channel’s website says. Enzo Ferrari commissioned his last car at the age of 89 in 1987 – a year before his death, according to the company’s website.

First place – Chevy Camaro vs. Ford Mustang:

Coming back stateside, it’s difficult to ignore the classic battle between the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang. Both automobiles were created more than 55 years ago and have transcended time as two of the most classic cars in American history. Chevrolet first rolled out the Camaro in 1967 after the Ford Mustang had been in production for nearly three years, Top Speed says. The Camaro was technically a compact car by the standards of the day, but as the years went by, the Michigan-made model became an all-American pony car. The downside of the Camaro is that production halted nearly 12 years ago, but it remained a staple in the domestic sports car market for five generations.

The Camaro was created in an effort to dethrone the Ford Mustang, but it could not be done, seeing as the original pony car is still alive and well in the American-made muscle category. Some know the Mustang as the original sports car – although that’s a debate for another time. The Pony was first rolled out in 1964 and has had a cult following ever since. Although it’s never been an exotic car, its mystique has captured the eye of many for approximately five decades.

What’s your favorite classic car rivalry?

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