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Another uShip Dynamic Duo: Tamera and Todd Sturgis

Ask any married couple. Living together is one thing. But working together? Whole different ball game.

Then there’s Tamera and Todd Sturgis, owners of He is With Her Transport LLC and the latest trucking couple on A&E’s Shipping Wars, which features uShip.

After 20 years of running a successful trucking business together, Tamera and Todd are more in love than ever.

But they admit, before hitting the road together years ago, they struggled a bit as newlyweds, not an unusual occurrence for young couples. Todd had two jobs, one being a forklift driver, and took on a third job in trucking. Tamera waited tables at night. They never saw each other.

Todd began noticing he could make a lot of money in trucking – even more than the other two jobs combined. He suggested Tamera try trucking too.

“We enrolled in trucking school and 8 weeks later we were on the road doing jobs,” Tamera said. “I was good at shifting and he was good at backing up. We had a good coupling of skills.”

Now, 20 years later, they’re a power couple on and off the road delivering a little bit of everything.

“It’s so cool to finally be able to show our friends what we really do,” said Tamera about her and Todd’s new found stardom on Shipping Wars. “Finally, they get it,” she said laughing.

“Natural” they both said in unison about their transition to television from normal days on the road. “It’s just an exciting new adventure. Todd is an amateur filmmaker and used to film me all the time on the job. For some reason it never felt weird – that’s transitioned to the Shipping Wars episodes.”

Look out for Todd and Tamera tonight, 6/10 at 10/9c as they debut on Shipping Wars on A&E.

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