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Canine Confidential: Business Lessons from the Dogs of uShip

uShip and dogs go together like paw shakes and treats; like belly scratches and leg twitches; you don’t get one without the other. To commemorate International Take Your Dog to Work Day, we’re sitting down with some of uShip’s top dogs to hear their takes on how to be a good employee – and a great friend.

To start, we talked to one of uShip’s human employees, Bud Holfort, who heads up the company’s People Operations team. Bud says, although there are challenges with housing an office full of four-legged colleagues, the benefits far outweigh them.

“Dog-friendly culture means we understand and accept the positive impact that well-behaved dogs can have on our day-to-day attitudes.”

Bud says that dog-friendly culture is a big morale booster for employees, and that it acts as a strong recruitment and retention tool. Plus, it encourages employee interaction.

“Most people love and interact with the dogs, often going out of their way to stop and pet or ‘treat’ one of our dogs.”

It’s clear that the humans of uShip are big fans of their canine coworkers, but what do the pups have to say? Here are some of the best business lessons they’ve got for us:

  1. “Listen to your customers” -Lincoln, Member Support

    “A heard customer is a happy customer.”
  2. “Network, network, network.” -Chevy, Partnerships

    “Meet as many people as you can, and you’ll never be without a friend.”
  3. “Let the numbers do the talking” -Maddie, Database Administration

    “Being data driven has secured me an exponentially higher number of pats than my paw-leagues.”
  4. “Pay attention to the little details.” -Max, Strategic Programs

    “Just because something’s small doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.”
  5.  “Fuel up frequently” -Kerbey, Marketing

    “Never skip lunch breaks, play breaks, or nap breaks.”
  6. “Make sure you’ve got a firm handshake” -Marley, Member Support 

    “A good strong handshake can really impress people. If you play it right, it may even earn you a treat!”
  7. “Own it” -Chloe, Development

    “If you mess something up – whether it’s a rug or a report – fess up and fix it.”
  8. “Keep your eye on the prize.” -Keller, Localization

    “Stay laser-focused on what you want. But if it’s someone else’s lunch, make sure your mom isn’t watching”
  9. “When in doubt, stretch it out.” -Bea, LTL Operations

    “Stopping for a yoga break really refreshes the mind and body.”
  10. “Push the status quo” -Honey, Sales

    “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb – that’s where the bones are!”
  11. “Stay humble.” -Noodles, Customer Success 

    “Never be that guy. Keep your ego in check and you’ll find success, plus lots of pals along the way.”
  12. “Always maintain eye contact.” Stone, Reception 

    “Looking people in the eye is the best way to get what you want from them (as long as what you want is snacks.)”
  13. “Dress for the job you want.” Charlee, Accounting

    “Looking polished is a silent but powerful way to show you mean business.”
  14. “Stay curious” Riley, Development

    “Don’t assume you know it all – there’s always more to learn, and forget what you’ve heard about old dogs learning new tricks!”
  15. “Work hard. Play hard.” -Ollie, Marketing

    “Even after a hard day’s work, there’s always time to play ball or go for a good game of tug-a-war.”
  16. “Smile!” -Bo, Design

    “Don’t take it all too seriously. Remember to sit back and enjoy every day – because you can!”

From the mouths of pups – we never stop learning from the four-legged friends in our office. Though we do deal with occasional barks, howls, and messes, it’s all worth it when we remember how much our office is improved by the presence of our best friends.

Puppy breath helps too.

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