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How uShip Offset Over 5,000 Tons of C02 in the Last Decade

Clean shipping through consolidation.

Here at uShip, this mantra has fueled our ability to reduce unused truck capacity for millions of people worldwide in an industry often critiqued for its negative environmental impact. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve continued to push for our belief in doing more with less.

However, our founder’s implicitly green business model was not enough for us. Our desire to innovate and improve led to our partnership with TerraPass in 2006 to provide funding for green energy sources. Hundreds of thousands of shipment later, we’re proud to announce this partnership is now celebrating its ten year anniversary!


Since 2006, over 124,000 TerraPass certified shipments have been booked through uShip, offsetting 5,200 tons of CO2 emissions. That’s over 10.4 billion pounds of greenhouse gases for those of you counting at home. How is this possible, you ask? uShip made it happen thanks to the hard work of nearly 8,000 TerraPass certified transporters and the 140 billion miles they’ve offset transporting green shipments. To put it another way, their dedication to sustainable shipping practices could have driven them around the earth 5,600 times.



While we’re thrilled about the TerraPass program’s success over the past decade, we’re far more excited about what’s to come. As uShip’s platform has garnered a larger chunk of the worldwide transportation market share, our ability to reduce unused truck capacity has vastly increased. In fact, nearly 1.3 tons of CO2 emissions and 32 billion miles of driving were offset in 2015 alone thanks to 27,000 TerraPass certified shipments. That’s a quarter of our entire 10-year totals, folks. This leads us to believe we’re in a position to offset even more carbon emissions in the years to come.


Environmental issues aren’t simple, so neither is the solution. That’s why uShip’s German office has partnered with C02 Neutral to combat the greenhouse gases emitted by its servers and grid. This is all part of our belief that


An environmentally-conscious business plan is one thing, but taking care of our planet starts with day-to-day tasks. That’s why our office utilizes sustainable and renewable practices like reusable kitchenware and in-office recycling bins. We also provide organic lunches to all employees to eliminate wasteful commutes to restaurants and offer carpooling and public transit subsidies.


Many thanks are due to the countless drivers and shipping customers who have worked with us to make such a significant impact on the shipping world’s carbon emissions. Your efforts and dedication to clean shipping have paved the way for many more future TerraPass users. With a decade of green shipments in the books, one thing is clear: we’re proud of our planet, and we’re just getting started.