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June is the Most Active Month for uShip Boat Shipping

2016 is going to be a huge year for boating. Lakes, oceans, and rivers are full to the brim from months of strong El Niño rain showers, allowing cities across the United States to release their flood reservoirs for the first time in years. In fact, uShip’s home base of Austin, TX just opened its floodgates to the Mansfield Dam for the first time in 9 years.


Since 2011, uShip’s boat shipping marketplace has helped more than 36,626 people across 20 countries worldwide transport their boats.
This includes the near 33,000 boats that were shipped throughout the United States over the past five and a half years.


Let’s break this down a bit. Boat season can vary based on where you’re living, but the biggest months for boat shipping tend to span from April to September. Last year, uShip helped transport over 4,000 boats during that period in the United States. That’s over 160 boats a week, every week, for six months straight.

Convenience and efficiency is key to making this happen. Thanks to our online boat shipping index, customers can get an idea of what they’ll pay for shipping before they start the booking process.

Unsurprisingly, our most active month was June, in which we shipped a total of 794 boats. That’s over 25 boats a day.


Every year, thousands of people ship their boats across the globe. This seasonal shipping rush can create a logjam in the transport industry and cause heavy delays, making it difficult for many people to find a timely and affordable way to transport their boats. That’s where uShip comes in. Ready to ship a boat? Get started here.