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Now Playing: Shipping Wars Season Premiere & uShip’s Roy Tribute

Fans of A&E original hit series Shipping Wars—which features uShip—will be thrilled to know a new season kicks off tomorrow night at 10/9c on A&E. In case you haven’t watched the show, it follows a group of independent transporters as they haul seemingly unshippable items to every corner of the country.

This the first season since the sudden passing of Roy Garber, 49, one of the original cast members who died of a heart attack in January, just days after the Season 5 finale. Check out uShip’s tribute to Roy below.

Shipping Wars veterans Marc Springer, Jennifer Brennan and Jarrett Joyce return to the show. In the season premiere, Jarrett struggles with a giant 40-foot plaster colon and it’s hardly a smooth move. Later this season, Jenn ships a collection of haunted dolls and Marc battles tornado-spawning weather as he hauls a heavy load.

[youtube id=”yaDROMehHRE”]

Joining Marc, Jenn and Jarrett are 4 new cast members:

Dusty Davies

Shipping since age 16, Davies comes from a big trucking family and now owns one of the largest heavy hauling trucking companies in the Midwest.

Jessica Samko

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Samko founded her own trucking business and is willing to haul anything she can get her hands on.

Todd & Tamera Sturgis

As a shipping power couple, this duo have been driving trucks together for 20 years and cross the country every other week hauling whatever their dispatcher throws at them.