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Sneak Preview: Test Drive uShip’s New ‘Find Shipments’ (Beta)

uShip will soon flip the switch on some big changes to Find Shipments, the single most valuable tool for providers to locate relevant shipments and keep their trucks full.

But starting today, as a service provider on uShip, you can access an advance preview of the beta version by clicking Try it now at the top of your Find Shipments page.

Before diving in, here’s a summary of improvements and new features:


Find Shipments has not only been redesigned with a fresh new look, it also includes several bonus features, has a more intuitive navigation, and is now responsive, meaning it automatically adapts to your device, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


We’ve made it easier and faster to find local shipments by setting your Find Shipments page to default to listings in your area.

Your default search will be by state for U.S. listings, and country for non-U.S. listings. To enable this feature, be sure to share your location when your browser requests it.

Autocomplete displays suggestions as you start typing a zip code, city, state, or country. Click your preferred suggestion to see relevant listings on the right.

Use our advanced multipoint location search tool to find shipments going from multiple regions to multiple regions (e.g., multiple states on the West coast to multiple states in the Northeast). This makes it easier to explore a variety of routes for your trip or fill multiple trucks.


Several existing filters – Category, Pricing, Location Type and more – have been refined, and two additional filters – Date and Weight – have been added, helping you more efficiently narrow your search. Easily review or remove your current filters at the top of your screen using new filter shortcuts.

Once you’ve locked in your search criteria, simplified sorting options provide more information at a glance so it’s faster and easier to identify your preferred listings. Sort options include:

  • Recently Listed
  • Auction Expiration
  • Number of Bids
  • Bid/Offer Price
  • Total Distance

To store a particular search for later, use Saved Search. This time-saving feature continues to be a favorite among service providers who can easily keep track of new shipments that pop up along a particular saved lane or route.

Important note on Saved Search: We are actively working on an issue with our Saved Search emails. If you rely on these emails, please consider logging into your account to view your Saved Search results. Also, existing saved searches will need to be reset once the new Find Shipments officially relaunches. More on this to come.


There are three ways to view your search results on uShip: list, table, or map. It really comes down to user preference so experiment with each.

If you create a new search through the map, use the plus or minus buttons to zoom in or out and then click Redo Search in Map. This will create a new search within the selected area. Click on pins and clusters to view shipment summaries.

For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. For the next few weeks, you’ll be able to switch back and forth as much as you like. Stay tuned for the official release coming soon.