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Your New Obsession: Long Haired Peruvian Guinea Pigs on uShip

Say hello to your newest obsession: the Long Haired Peruvian Guinea Pig. We’re told that in the world of small family pets, few are as entertaining as these adorably furry critters.

As we were browsing our other latest obsession, Pinterest (check out our growing Pinterest presence here), we came across Sarah Wilson, a Florida-based caviary owner that uses uShip to book transport to the guinea pigs’ new homes. And if you’re wondering what a caviary is, we just learned this as well: a caviary is where guinea pigs (known as cavies among breeders and exhibitors) are raised.

The little fuzzball below was our first exposure to world of Long Haired Peruvian Guinea Pigs and we just had to share.

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* Important note and PSA: As an online marketplace for shipping services, uShip does not sell or transport pets. We believe all pets deserve a “forever home.” Never purchase a pet of any kind without 1) complete information on the animal and breed 2) verifying the registration and licensing of your breeder (via USDA/APHIS). Some online scams target consumers interested in purchasing pets online. Never submit payment via wire transfer services like Western Union, and never purchase pets from abroad.