Deep Thoughts with Roy Garber: Customer Care vs. Customer Coddling

Deep Thoughts with Roy

I’ve been a lot places, seen a lot of things in my 30 years of business. Owned my own plumbing, construction, welding businesses – and over the last 5 years, Arbie’s Team Transport. And I’ve had to deal with my share of customers over that time too.

I take a different approach to customer service than most. I’m in the business of customer care, not customer coddling. Most people want the warm and fuzzy customer service experience. Just ain’t me to do that. I’m not here to be friends with my customers or follow them on Twitter. To me, they are a paycheck. Period. And I’m not a kiss-ass. Never have and never will be.

So why would anyone want to work with me, much less pay me for my services? Because I get that the customer deserves to have their property delivered to the best of my ability – no matter what it is – in the EXACT same condition it was when I loaded it. Pure and simple.

It can be over a million dollars in art or a rusted out paddy wagon, or even a Buzz Lightyear kiddy ride – I see them all the same. When they are in my possession, I treat them as if they are mine. No questions asked.

So as a customer what are you paying for? Warm fuzzies or flawless delivery? When people watch me on Shipping Wars ship other people’s stuff, they usually don’t get it. But most of my customers see that I know what I’m doing, appreciate my expertise and understand – especially when their $60,000 armoire gets delivered in perfect condition and on time. Trust me, it makes that check much easier for them to write.

My advice? When hauling stuff for customers, treat things like they are your own when in your truck or trailer. Over time, your uShip feedback and reputation will speak for itself – and people will want your services because you are good.

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  • michelle67

    out of everyone ive seen on this show id call roy in a heart beat! all business no guessing!! i dont know how or why jen and jarrett are even on the show, obviously for comic relief!!