Deep Thoughts with Roy Garber: Getting Speeding Tickets? You’re An Idiot

Deep Thoughts with Roy

Are you a CMV operator? Have you gotten more than three tickets? If you have, you’re an idiot. I don’t have time for idiots. No hauler has time for tickets. They’re a pain in the ass and cost you money. You can avoid getting a speeding ticket while you’re on the road. It’s easy.

Here are my top five tips for avoiding speeding tickets:


    1. Stay a couple miles over or below the speed limit at all times.

If you’re driving long distances and have cruise control, set a consistent speed. If you don’t have cruise control, just pay attention your speedometer. If you make a habit of driving the same speed over long distances, you’ll be fine.

    2. Don’t even think about using a radar detector.

They are 100% illegal for CMV operators. Actually, they’re illegal for every type of driver in Florida; commercial, freight or domestic. If you haul for hire, NEVER use them. You’ll get caught every time.

    3. If you see two big white lines in the road, DON’T SPEED.

Law enforcement agencies use these lines to detect your speed from the air by clocking you between two points on the ground. If you see those two white lines, there is an airplane or helicopter above you trying to catch you speeding. A buddy of mine got out of one of these tickets one time by arguing that the machine that clocks speed hadn’t been recently calibrated. He won with the simple argument that there was no evidence that the machine had been calibrated, and therefore there was no way to know whether it provided an accurate result.

    4. Never stomp on your brakes.

Cops pursue drivers who stomp on their breaks. Why, you ask? “Brake Stuffers” are a cop’s wet dream. When you see a speed trap coming from very far ahead, it’s okay to lower your speed—but if you’ve spotted a cop with a radar gun, they’ve already got your speed. So don’t even bother slamming on your brakes, because that gives him even more of a reason to pull you over.

    5. Don’t be an idiot.

Like I said, stay a couple miles within the speed limit. Make a habit out of it and you’ll be fine. There’s no sense in wasting your time on a speeding ticket.

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    I bet Roy realizes he is NOT “PERFECT”!