How You Can Start Beating the Bank

A tired TSP not using Payoneer

It’s five o’clock on Friday. You’re tired, the bank is closed, and you just finished your last shipment.

You’d love to access the money you just made, but with business days you may not get that money until next Tuesday. Crap.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a service where you can direct deposit uShip payments in only a few hours, 24/7? Pair that with a debit card maybe?

Let us introduce you to Payoneer.

Payoneer is a global payout platform used by uShip in tandem with uShip Payments. Every time a service provider receives money for a shipment via uShip payments, they can transfer the money into their Payoneer account in 1-2 hours. Payoneer acts as a pay-as-you-go account equipped with a debit card that can be used to withdraw funds from an ATM.

If you’re a service provider on the road with a mobile device, Payoneer is a great option for you.

Haven’t heard about Payoneer? Check out more here.

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How You Can Start Beating the Bank was last modified: December 3rd, 2014 by Killian Hagen
  • Nissim

    Great post, thanks for sharing Killian!

    • dale

      this is one of the biggest scam sites i have ever seen.when a company
      charges a shipper for shipping there items the charges the transporter
      for hauling it but suspends your account because you tell the shipper
      that both parties are being charged what they call you ship fees they
      get paid 3 times from each load.that does violate the federal motor
      carrier rules.i have been a company owner for many years and if i were
      to try to hide charges like that the government would close my doors
      take my trucks and end up in a federal prison for such acts this BOGUS
      site needs to be investigated for laundering money..WHAT A SCAM THEY GOT

  • Barki Mustapha

    great thank u

  • Steve A Esebius

    This is very helpful. We are also going to implement it for our Uganda Safaris so client can make payments for their safaris in Uganda on our website