Freight News Roundup – Hurricane Sandy Halts Shipping and Transport, Destroys Roads in Northeast US

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This week, Hurricane Sandy has had an enormous effect on the transportation of goods to and from the Northeast United States. 

The Freight News Roundup below includes many breaking stories about the hurricane’s aftermath and its effect on the transport industry.

Sandy Cripples East Coast Transit – Damon Lavrinc, Wired
Hurricane Sandy East CoastThe waters have begun to recede after Hurricane Sandy made landfall off the northeast coast of the U.S. last night, but the toll on the region’s transportation system is beginning to come into focus and it stands to be one of the worst mass transit disasters in U.S. history.
Read about where shipping has halted entirely, see Sandy. vs. a Truck, the DOT’s plan for rebuilding infrastructure wiped out by the storm, and how damage will continue to affect carriers in the coming months, all after the jump. 

DOT offering $13 million in emergency funds for storm damage  – Commercial Carrier Journal
The U.S. Department of Transportation has made $13 million in quick release emergency relief funds available immediately to New York and Rhode Island to start repairing damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The sum matched 100 percent of what the states requested — $10 million from New York and $3 million from Rhode Island. There will probably be more requests and more money available, the DOT said in its announcement, but these are the first two states to ask for assistance.

Cargo Deliveries Stalled by Sandy Are Recovering – Bart Jansen, CIO Today
Cargo stalled this week because of superstorm Sandy, threatening supply chains nationwide that depend on shipping from the Northeast and causing undetermined financial losses that continue to mount.

Airlines, which increasingly carry cargo along with passengers, say they blunted the damage by scheduling shipments around the storm and temporarily refusing perishables.
Hurricane Sandy Prompts FMCSA To Issue Emergency HOS Exemptions – US DOT Press Release via
Pursuant to Title 49 CFR Part 390.23, I, Curtis L. Thomas, Regional Field Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, declare a regional emergency exists that justifies an exemption from Part 390 through 399 of the Federal Regulations (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations). Such emergency is in response to Hurricane Sandy and its possible effects on people and property, including an immediate threat to human life or public welfare in the Eastern United States.
Trucking Companies Already Shifting Efforts Toward Storm Relief –
It’s being called one of the most unprecedented weather events in the history of the country, rivaling hazards like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, and even the Knickerbocker Storm of 1922 for problems with logistics, safety and supply. Dispatchers are already stranding truck drivers who had expected return loads from the eastern seaboard late this weekend, and it doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon.
Hurricane Sandy aftermath prompts a patchwork of waivers, restrictions  Jami Jones, Land Line Magazine
With billions in damage to the Northeast, many states are already waiving logistical and paperwork hurdles that truckers assisting with the relief efforts could face.

While many would be quick to assume that the states directly affected, and those neighboring the hardest-hit states, would be first to waive cumbersome regulations, truckers need to be aware that states even as far away as Nevada are greasing the skids to help out in the recovery efforts.

The following is a state-by-state breakdown of current executive orders, waivers and exemptions in effect. As of press time, Virginia and New Jersey also have waivers pertaining to driver’s and vehicle licensing. Those are included below…
Long Sandy night: Holding the fort in Northeast as storm comes in Todd Dills, Overdrive Magazine
“Wet, windy and no power,” Matthew Jaco wrote Tuesday morning onOverdrive‘s Facebook page in response to a query as to drivers’ situations after the rainy, windy night in the Northeast. “Just another day in the world of trucking.”

Hauler Joshua Colvin, running through the evening from Syracuse, N.Y., to Fremont, Ohio, also took conditions in stride. “Last night was ‘fun,’” he wrote. “Cleveland was the windiest, raining sideways. Green and blue lightning.”

Others weren’t so breezy about their circumstances. Truckers corralled at weigh stations and truckstops before the shutdown of Connecticut’s major highways yesterday settled in for a tough night. Worcester Telegram and Gazette reporter Kim Ring dispatched from the Pilot location in Sturbridge, Conn., yesterday, filled beyond its 250-truck capacity and without power. “There was no fuel, no restrooms and no place to get a hot meal,” Ring wrote, “but the truckers said they’re usually ready for such predicaments, carrying food and supplies in their sleeper rigs.”


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