Freight News Roundup – Truck of the Future, the Truckpocalypse & New CSA Changes

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Is This The Truck Of The Future? –
CDL Life has brought you features on trucks that have been coined t the trucks of the future.  AirFlow is hoping the BulletTruck will shape the future of trucking. AirFlow is working to design the world’s most functional, aerodynamic truck.  This summer, engineers drive the prototype from Connecticut to California.

truck of the future
2012: The Stories of the Year – Journal of Commerce
From labor battles to natural disasters, 2012 was filled with risk for shippers and the companies moving and managing their cargo. Here are the stories that defined the year.

Watch a truck and tractor drag race, read about new CSA regulations, and find out what might happen in a “truckpocalypse”  after the break.

Video: Truck Vs. Tractor Drag Race via

 Truckpocalypse: What happens when America’s trucks stop  – Overdrive Online
TruckpocalypseWith the Mayan Calendar and doomsday mania coming to a head this Friday — the day the Mayan calendar supposedly “ends” — Overdrive  publisher Randall-Reilly delves into a much more real-world apocalyptic scenario: The Truckpacolypse. That is — what would happen if all trucks in the U.S. were halted?
25 Ways for Drivers to Get (and Stay) Healthier  – Today’s Trucking
In the Spring of 2011, the Canadian Government announced that it would be investing $2.6 million to find out why truck drivers generally live a decade less than the average Canadian. The study is being conducted by researchers at the University of Moncton with the full support of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association.
The results should be available in 2014…
Carriers Need to get ‘Ducks in a Row’ on Hazmat for CSA 3.0 – Deborah Lockridge,
In the coming days, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will unveil version 3.0 of its Safety Measurement System under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, and the changes will mean increased scrutiny of hazmat compliance, even for companies not considered hazmat carriers.
Federal field testing proves ROI on automatic tire inflation systems – Jim Park,
We now have conclusive proof that automated tire inflation systems and tire pressure monitoring systems offer quantifiable payback. The systems will save fuel, improve tread life and return their investment over a short time. Best of all, they continue putting money in your pocket long after they have paid for themselves.
Vehicle Miles Traveled tax proposed in House  Overdrive Online
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) proposed a bill into the House that would, if passed, implement a pilot program to test the feasibility of a tax on miles traveled as a supplemental source of revenue for the Highway Trust Fund.


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