Infographic: How Far Away are People Looking to Move?

Many customers that arrive at uShip are looking for a safe, reliable and affordable way to move their belongings to a new home.

Which brings up a solid question: Why do people move?

Data from the 2010 US Census shows that more than 4 in 10 people move for reasons related to housing– like the intent to move to a larger and better home. Another 3 in 10 move for family reasons, which includes marriages and breakups. The remaining 3 in that group of 10 move for work and the catch-all ‘other reasons.’

How far are people looking to move?

This infographic from shows how far people are willing to move, based on data pulled from thousands of home searches on the site. What we find out is that only a minority of Americans (4 in 10) on the move are relocating locally.

Moving Distance

For any of these categories, families have to consider how and at what cost they can move their belongings. And clearly, with Americans moving at greater distances than ever (almost 1 in 4 moving 500 miles or more), that’s an expensive and potentially complicated proposition.

Thankfully, online tools like Trulia and uShip can make long-distance moves a bit easier for everyone.

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