Love at First Site: Freight Matchmaking Goes Digital

6a013485fb9931970c017ee86dd8ae970dTraditional loadboards have long been the freight matchmakers of the shipping world, where shippers and carriers get connected like online dating services. 
The “dating” process typically begins online, but then one thing leads to another and it moves offline (unless you play football for Notre Dame) where shippers, brokers and carriers finish the transaction offline via phone and fax.

But according to a feature story in the January edition of InboundLogistics magazine, the way businesses post, book and assign freight has changed. In a more digital world, the transaction takes place entirely online.

“On some electronic load exchanges, the entire transaction takes place online,” uShip’s CEO founder Matt Chasen
told the magazine.

Electronic load exchanges are similar to loadboards in that they connect shippers, brokers and carriers online, but instead of going OFFLINE to finalize the transaction, it all stays ONLINE, bringing great efficiency, speed and velocity to the process.

inbound logistics logoNow, according to the article, “the shipper or broker can automatically tender the load to a carrier, or the carrier can take the load through an auto-acceptance process. Once the load is accepted, the remaining processes—such as document exchange, check calls, payment, and shipper and carrier ratings—also take place online. This gives both parties access to load-specific information they can use for routine reporting, pricing, and due diligence.”

For higher-volume shippers, carriers, brokers and 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) on uShip, we’ve introduced uShip PRO to the marketplace — a premium platform that lets brokers create their own private network of their most trusted carriers, direct-assign loads and completely automate their entire backend dispatch process.  It also translates into less phone and fax time, higher volumes of freight and reduced cost and resources.

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