Overdrive Celebrates 50 Years with Owner-Operator Retrospective

Overdrive 50Overdrive Magazine, the top business publication for owner-operators, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.  As part of that milestone, it’s publishing a number of retrospective pieces that focus on where the trucking industry has been, how far it’s come and what it’s meant to the owner-operator.  Whether you’ve been in trucking for four years or 40, this is definitely an interesting read.

Overdrive writer Todd Dills does a terrific job of profiling the last five decades in his story, Breaking Free.  He chronicles what owner-operators have faced over the years, including tough union regulations of the ’50s and ’60s, the lure of higher average income and the independent open road of the 70s, Truth in Leasing regulations of the late 70s, further deregulation during the Carter administration, transformation of the deregulated industry of the ’80s and ’90s, and up to the “enforcement era” of the last decade or so.

Certainly not without it’s struggles today, the industry faces challenges around hours-of-service revision, onboard recorder mandates, tighter health restrictions for CDL holders, increasing congestion, long wait times at shippers and receivers, fraud among fly-by-night brokerages and more.

uShip’s GM of Freight Charles Myers is quoted in the story, having served as district supervisor with the Interstate Commerce Commission beginning in 1976 in Harrisburg, Pa.  Myers has been in logistics and freight for the past 35 years, having joined uShip in April.

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