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It’s the third week of uShip’s Freight News Roundup! Every Monday, we’re bringing the uShip community posts and articles about the transportation industry, transport policy and technology, and recent trucking news.

Here’s a selection of great articles we came across today and last week.

Top EOBR questions listed on FMCSA site

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has highlighted on its website a list of frequently asked questions regarding electronic onboard recorders following President Obama’s signing of highway legislation that mandates electronic logging devices.

OOIDA sues FMCSA over bad driver data, DataQsby Jami Jones | Land Line Magazine

The mega database filled with driver information maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lacks assurance of data accuracy and a functioning process for dispute resolution, a lawsuit filed today by OOIDA alleges.

The Big Picture: Dispatch Software Can Provide Fleet Managers a Consolidated View Aaron Huff | Commercial Carrier Journal

Having a fully electronic office to manage dispatch, human resources, accounting and other core processes is expected in today’s business environment. Even so, many fleet managers looking for information on drivers often find themselves having to troll through screens, Websites and third-party applications.

Visualizing 1 Billion Cars – by Damon Lavrinc | Wired Autopia blog

Between 1950 and 1970, the number of vehicles in the world roughly doubled every 10 years. That trend began to shift in the mid-1980s, when the vehicle population reached a staggering 500 million vehicles in 1986. Twenty-four years later, we’ve eclipsed the 10-digit mark, with more than 1 billion vehicles registered worldwide. That’s enough for one vehicle for every 7 people in the world.

The Ten Countries With The Worst Drivers – by Raphael Orlove | Jalopnik

With the exception of Germany, the citizens of most countries take a sick sort of pride in having terrible motorists. Here are the countries where Jalopnik readers agree the drivers are insanely bad.


Watch A Chinese Motorist Escape Death By Driving Under An 18-Wheeler – By Benjamin Preston | Jalopnik

When a tractor trailer driver lost control in an underwater tunnel in China, it swerved into the other lane, leaving the driver of the car behind with few options. But the motorist, miraculously, made the right moves and survived the crash.

CB Slang Becoming a Dying Art

With the rise of mobile texting and social media apps in trucking, the CB is being used for just a percentage of what it used to. There’s no beating a CB when there’s an immediate and developing incident down the road or sudden inclement weather that requires warning. But like the waning popularity of talking trucker country songs, less drivers are using CBs as their primary outreach for communication.

via Reddit:  “I am a Wal-Mart truck driver and here is my quarterly fuel report.” — Includes discussion about being an OTR truck driver, fuel, government regulation, best  practices and other topics.  Appears on Reddit /r/IAmA


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