Transportation News for Nov. 14 – Nov. 20

Paccar’s Hybrids: Building a Heavy-Duty Supply Chain via Channel 19

While the Volt isn’t scheduled to arrive in showrooms until 2010, U.S. automakers of another sort have already begun producing hybrid vehicles. These technologically advanced machines are produced by the commercial trucking industry, a line of business that doesn’t garner nearly the amount of mainstream media attention for its environmental efforts as advancements in consumer auto production.

Amongst talks of federal bailouts of the Big Three, Paccar brings an excellent counterpoint.  Trucks obviously spend much more time on the road than an average vehicle and fuel efficiency is important.   Paccar has found a need in the marketplace and has moved forward with plans even though profits from the new hybrids are years down the line.  One thing is sure: when hybird technology drops in price, Paccar will be well positioned.

OOIDA calls for postponement of 2010 emissions standards

The organization is appealing to US policymakers to postpone the 2010 emissions standards in light of a new study released by NERA Economic Consulting that suggested fleet managers will hesitate to buy new equipment with 2010 emissions controls.

The truth is unfortunate: polluting costs more than moving towards efficiency and eco-conciousness.  With the economic pinch, we may be seeing more pushback against stricter environmental standards.

NAFTA freight shipments reached record high in 2007

Trucks carried 61 percent of this freight measured by value — $555 billion in 2007. Rail carried 15 percent, followed by maritime with 7 percent, pipeline with 8 percent, and air with 4 percent. Trucks saw the largest modal increase in shipment value from 2006 to 2007 — $21 billion — followed by rail (up $9 billion) and pipeline (up $4 billion).

Last week we wrote about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. One thing is clear, however, and that is that NAFTA is growing larger by the year.  And trucking is seeing the largest of that growth.


Tender care sends butterfly trucking

On Sunday, the couple took the healed monarch in a shoebox to Scotty’s, a popular and busy truck stop about 35 miles north of Albany. Anybody looking for company on the trip south?

Be on the lookout for our new butterfly subcategory in the coming days.

Recent uShip Stories

Although Thanksgiving has not yet arrived, we already find ourselves in the spirit of the holiday. Around the country people are preparing their vacations to be home with their families, and celebrating one of the oldest traditions in American history. Users have been stopping by to say ‘thanks’ to the great uShip Service Providers that have helped them get their own piece of Americana.

Thecoolcoder recently treated himself to a vintage portable electric piano–which was 300 miles away.  Thankfully, Delboy had him rocking out in no time:

“I managed to find a special piano at a manageable price… but it was too far to drive and get. I looked on the discussion forums dedicated to this special piano to get ideas on shipping. There was a post about a guy that had used, so I signed up and posted my required pickup/delivery info. I then received multiple bids and found one that would work. I got lucky and got the nicest gentleman in the world that liked the “something new every day” type of work that Uship offered him. The piano arrived perfectly and I rate this entire experience a 10/10.”

User balltvols22 was finally able to complete a vintage dining room set that matched a dining table that his wife had bought some while back. While the set was finally complete, his remaining pieces were at an antiques shop in Pennsylvania and he was stuck in South Carolina. Through uShip he was able to connect with Shofar who helped bring his family of furniture together:

“My wife had bought a vintage dining table and chairs locally from Craigslist manufactured by White Furniture of Mebane, NC. We had looked for a long time for the matching China Cabinet and some more chairs and finally found them on ebay. Before I bought the set, I placed my need on uship and I was amazed at how seemless the process was incorporated with ebay and it made the whole experience one that I would recommend to anybody. I finally accepted a bid from Shofar shipping out of Waynesboro, PA to pick the item up from an antique shop in Denver, PA and deliver it to home right outside of Charlotte, NC. The price from Shofar was excellent not to mention the quality of their work. I am so pleased with the furniture and the uship experience I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks!!”

Our final story for the week comes from xhail99. After finding a vintage beauty shop in Harrisburg, PA, xhail99 needed to get it to Chicago ASAP. Once again Shofar was able to give great service.

“We had to find someone in limited time who could go and pack a 3 station vintage 50’s beauty shop including 3 large mirrors to deliver from Harrisburg to Chicago.We are building out a retro salon. Setting up the listing and getting bids on Uship was easy. We chose Shofar (Leonard)based on Uship’s feedback system. He has all high praises and in the end, we could not agree more. Everything arrived fine, mirrors unbroken, at a very reasonable price. He did it for what it would personally cost us to drive out and get it, let alone our time and labor. No freight company would pick it up and the lot was too difficult to crate or package. We saved a bundle vs a household items shipper too – at least $1250!Any time we have difficult items to ship we come to Uship. Thanks!”

We would like to say thanks to all of our service providers and users for helping us make uShip into the great community it is today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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