Transportation News for Nov. 27 – Dec. 4

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CTA: Trucking to prosper

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, motor carriers and shippers, and this has resulted in downward pressure on freight rates in 2008,” Bradley said in a news release. “But shippers would be advised to partner with carriers now to lock-in capacity for when things do inevitably start to come back, which we hope will be sometime in 2009. Some shippers get it and are now entering into multiyear agreements with carriers.”

It seems like just yesterday that the economic slowdown began in earnest (although we know now that the United States has been in a recession since December of 2007) and there is already increased talk of the coming economic rejuvenation.  The latest comes from the Canadian Trucking Alliance, who is looking toward a 2009 that brings an increased shipping demand.  Coupled with driver shortages and fewer trucking companies could see higher rates for shipping customers and higher pay for drivers.

New Jersey Assembly panel OKs bill to crack down on road rage

Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, D-Monroe, wrote in the bill that it would be illegal for motorists to make audible verbal threats, flash headlights, use demeaning gestures or direct other such actions at persons driving lawfully.

This is the second year in a row Greenstein has pursued the effort. A year ago, the bill advanced from committee but didn’t come up for consideration before the full Assembly.

A law that prohibits reckless driving would be welcome by many, but if this bill passes and becomes a law in its current form, expect legal challenges.  In fact, similar laws have been and are challenged by defendants who claim their First Amendment rights are being violated.  One such current case, Hackbart v. The City of Pittsburgh, hinges on a similar issue.

David Hackbart was trying to parallel park when he got a bit frustrated.  Hoping to tell a fellow driver and bystander how he felt, Hackbart earned a citation for his middle-finger display.  The Supreme Court has generally held that even communication in poor-taste is protected although laws can be enacted that protect against “fighting words”—words or actions that are made in order to provoke a reaction from another party.  Are the actions prohibited the New Jersey bill considered fighting words?  If prior court decisions are any indication, likely not.

Federal Rules target medically unfit truck drivers

Federal regulators are taking steps to get medically unfit truck and bus drivers off the road after being accused for years of dragging their feet on the issue.

Tougher recorder rule expected

Chief John Hill said the final version of the EOBR goes beyond a proposed rule that requires habitual violators of the hours of service rules to use recorders. FMCSA has sent the rule for review by the White House Office of Management and Budget. It is scheduled to be released this year, but it’s unclear if that timetable will happen.

Fresh off finalizing hours of service rules FMCSA has continued working hard to tie up loose ends before a new Administration.  Like hours of service, the issue of medically unfit drivers has been one that has been long in the making.  FMCSA is adopting recommendations made following a 2001 accident after the House of Representatives called the agency out for not moving quicker.

Recent uShip Stories

As the holidays approach and temperatures drop, we at uShip know that the warmth of family and friends is particularly special this time of year. That being said, where would the spirit of the season be without the comfort of the animals in our lives? Our uShip service providers go to great lengths to make sure those pets and livestock won’t be left out in this cold this winter.

When diedrecrawford needed to move her family dog across the country movewithsean came to the rescue, shipping the pup first class all the way:

I don’t know if Bella knew exactly what she was getting herself into, but I think she enjoyed it. She was allowed to ride up front in the cab, sleep with the drivers, frolick on the beach in California and take a walk everytime they stopped. Not once did she have to ride in a kennel! They brushed her every day, and made sure that they kept me updated on how she was doing when I called. My mother says she jumped right into her car when they dropped her off. A sure sign that she was treated well! So, from WA State to Whitney, Tx…Bella had a grand adventure that ended with her in a new home where she will have lots of time and places to play.

As a livestock owner in Connecticut cindijo knows importance of both preserving the planet and a warm wool sweater. Fortunately, when he needed to bring his sheep home will55 was passing through and was more than happy to make the delivery.

When will55 came along and made a bid, it was an excellent price, he was leaving the next day, there was no hassle, he was very personable, took good care of my little sheep, and i would use him again, and recommend him. It took forever to get a reasonable bid on this little guy-I really didn’t think I was going to get him home unless I went and did the driving myself. But Will saw my ad, and I couldn’t be happier-in a way , uship is green friendly, because it allows people already making a route to pick up more for the way back, saving resources for others that would have to make the single trip for one item. and time. thanks will!

uShip user luckydogtoo knows that the holidays are about giving and selflessness, so he wasn’t about to give up on having her horse home without finding him a home. When MCPerformanceHorses saw the post she immediately came to the rescue and delivered the horse to its new home the very same day. Thanks Erin!

I needed to find quick transportation for Danni, a horse that needed a home ASAP. She had enough food to last for three days so it was imperative that I get her moved immediately. I thought I had all the arrangements made and then they fell through. I searched the internet, found uShip and posted a plea for help! I was contacted first thing the next morning. Erin was passing through my area and had room to bring Danni with her THAT DAY. Because we are a horse rescue organization, with limited funds to work with Erin graciously agreed to move Danni for a very low fee! She arrived later that night and is settling in at her new home! I would definitely use uShip again and will recommend to others!

As the old saying goes, “It is better to give than to receive,” and these are just a few examples of our service providers giving it their all out on the road.

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