Transportation News for Oct. 11 – Oct. 17 [Poor]

Women in Trucking, Inc.

“I always knew that when it was time to choose a career I would drive a truck,” she said.  But Courtney, does more than just drive a truck, she has become one of the first professional drivers to win a state truck driving championship while visibly pregnant!

Louise Angel at home on the high seas

The fact that she is a woman in a predominantly male world is fascinating. On this tour of duty, which will take the crew to Newark, Baltimore, Charleston and Freeport before they return home, there are no other women on board.

$10,000 for women in freight

Victorian Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas said the Women in Freight, Logistics and Marine Management Scholarship was developed to encourage more women to take up leadership and management positions.

We at uShip have written before about women entering male dominated industries and there was an abundance of stories this prior week on just that topic.  We have Linda Courtney winning the Montana truck driving championship, Louise Angel becoming the first female captain at AP Moller-Maersk Group at the age of 29, and the government of Victoria creating a $10,000 scholarship to encourage women to enter the freight sector.  As there has been talk of a shortage of drivers in coming months, efforts to get more women involved is a great way to bring fresh faces and perspectives to the transportation industry.  We are proud to count among our own community many female TSPs.

Road ahead bumpy and smooth for trucking

Longer term, through the end of 2008 and into the first half of 2009, Broughton feels those freight-friendly market forces should slowly reappear – and some, but not all, trucking segments should be poised to benefit from them.

Landstar reports record 3Q revenue, higher net income

“Landstar delivered a 15 percent increase in revenue over the 2007 third quarter and experienced strong revenue increases across multiple service offerings. Excluding the revenue from bus evacuation services, revenue increased 11 percent quarter over quarter.”

Werner posts higher 3Q revenues, earnings

“Customer response to these growing service offerings continues to be very positive,” the company said. “Werner intends to continue its customer-centric strategy of diversifying and growing these service offerings.”

USA Truck Announces Significant Improvement in Third Quarter Operating Results

“At USA Truck, our employees rose to meet the challenges of that deteriorating freight environment to post significant year-over-year improvements in most of our key operating metrics and earnings per share as they continue to successfully execute our long-term strategic plan. “

The economy is once again at the forefront of the news, with the Dow managing to hit both record gains and record losses.  Transportation related news has been mixed as well, though largely positive.  Those of us in the transportation industry can only hope these positive stories continue, even as the market continues its interesting ride.

Recent uShip Stories

Daylight Saving Time is up and coming and people are preparing plans on how to spend the coveted extra hour.  People always like finding extra time whether it’s the result of clocks changing or TSPs being efficient.  Here are a couple stories from this past week where uShip and our TSPs were able to help our users save precious time.

User roughfinder is among uShip’s growing number of business users.  His winery needed 26,000 pounds of grapes driven three hundred miles to their winery in Oceanside, California.  And it all had to be accomplished within a day of harvest.  Not only did TSP Brian Collins complete the grape shipment on time, but he delivered it early enough that he was able to teach the winery president how to drive a forklift:

I own a small winery in Southern California, up to this point we’ve been able to reant a truck and bring the grapes down on our own. As we grow we’re begining to run into logistics issues. Size, time, cost all became bigger factors than in times past. We were bringing our largest shipment ever, 26,000 pounds of Gold Medal Cabernet grapes from Paso Robles. When everything is Crushed, Pressed and bottled it will be worth over $300,000. Needless to say, this was a very important shipent that has to be processed withing 24 hours of Harvest. Brian Collings Trucking got to the pick up site early and the delivery site early. He even gave our President of the company forklift lessons. I would honestly recommend Brian and we will use his services again. Thanks Brian

When uShip user cindybear found her ideal horse, she didn’t want to trust the horse to just anyone.  Fortunately, Riovista not only made Cindy feel comfortable in her choice, but were able to beat her horse transport expectations:

I found my Dream horse in Tennessee. I live in Illinois. I stumbled onto the uship site by accident, didn’t even know about it. I was in need to find a shipper to transport my new horse for me and figured looking online for what I would need would be best. So here I am signing up with Uship and I get a few bids. Cheapest isn’t what I cared about. It was finding someone that could bring my baby home in a safe manner. I got the bid From Wilderness Ridge and with my back and forth with questions.. I felt comfortable enough to accept their bid. I was a nervous wreck but excited to get my Baby home. Wilderness Ridge accually had the best pick up date as well so I didn’t have to put it off for weeks. They let me know They were running a day early and that was even better. Long story short. the call came when they were about 20-25 miles from the stable and I was able to be there to meet them at 1AM on a Saturday morning. Thank you for making my dreams come true. With the convenience of Uship and the History U can read of Your shippers.. I would use Uship again without a doubt. Cindy

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