uShip Marketplace Partner: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Know Heavy Equipment

Ritchie Bros Know Heavy Equipment

As we’ve mentioned before, many shipments on uShip from awesome uShip marketplace partner sites like Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. The items purchased on the Ritchie Bros. site range from pickup trucks to construction equipment to massive dozers and cranes for mining operations — the kinds of heavy equipment that allow the world to move and grow every day.

Every month we learn a ton about Heavy Equipment from these shipments. Take a look at some of the awesome items shipped from Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers lots this month:

5,000 lb Office Trailer – from Chehalis, WA to Snohomish, WA 

Ritchie Bros Office TrailerThis office trailer was shipped a short 119 miles inside of Washington state, with a total cost of $650– not bad for this challenging haul! Office trailers like this one  are a staple at construction sites and other temporary work sites that involve a crew of people reporting for duty and then clearing out, leaving a structure or product behind.

The shipper had an interesting time booking the load. The axle, tongue and wheels already affixed to the portable office were in disrepair and needed some work. The shipper and the transporter worked together to find a solution in Q&A on the uShip listing. Luckily, the transporter had the knowledge and skill to make the move happen successfully and, with the help of Ritchie Bros. auction site staff, were able to work around the hours of operation at the auction lot.

28,000 lb  IRT Impactor 2000 – from Lincoln, NE to Bathhurst, New Brunswick, Canada

The IRT Impactor 2000 rides behind construction vehicles and turns concrete into rubble. The rolling drum inside the tallest part of the Impactor delivers blows to concrete, approximately 2 blows per second, breaking up the concrete as it rolls along. The force behind the impactor is solely generated by its movement. As the wheels turn, the drum turns.

The Impactor also compacts up to 48 inches of fill at once. The heavy blows from the Impactor provide approximately 22,000 foot-pounds of energy to the bare ground, compacting top soil, dirt and gravel to smooth surfaces in order to construct roads, lay concrete or build on.

The 1,828 mile transport from Nebraska to Canada cost the shipper $4,565.

Ritchie Bros Impactor
5,900 lb Princeton PB50 – from Cincinnati, OH to Massena, NY

Ritchie Bros PrincetonDon’t underestimate the power behind this small “oinker” of a forklift. Surprisingly, the “PB” in “Princeton PB50” stands for PiggyBack. This little forklift offers high visibility, supreme stability and ultimate power. The open cab construction allows the operator more visiual opportunities than a traditional, glass-enclosed cab.

A highly-coveted item, this forklift has many uses. The forklift’s high stability rating and rugged design makes it perfect for any jobsite. The three-wheel system provides top-notch support and versatility to give the PiggyBack ultimate control.

Sold at a Ritchie Bros. auction in Cincinatti, the PiggyBack was transported to Massena, NY. After a little negotiating, the shipper was able to secure transport service at a distance of 743 miles for $814.

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