uShip’s Top 25 Most Shipped Cars & Light Trucks

25 Most Shipped Cars and TrucksSome sites like (Kelley Blue Book) put out their “most-researched” used cars list, while Google has a consistent measurement of consumer interest with its Google Trends tool. All good stuff, but these rankings only show consumer intent, not necessarily a consumer’s ultimate purchase or action related to that intent.

So, what about some ACTUAL consumer activity?

That’s where uShip’s 2012 Top 25 Most Shipped Cars & Light Trucks list comes in super handy.

Nearly 700,000 cars and light trucks have been listed on uShip all-time, so we have a pretty good idea of what people are buying, where they are moving and when they’re moving it.

With thousands of active auto carriers and hotshots on uShip, it’s easy and affordable to get that vehicle purchased on eBay Motors or brought to your front door. Afterall, 3 of every 4 passenger vehicles purchased on eBay Motors is to an out-of-state buyer.

Ford Takes Top Shipping Honors
In 2012, Ford had 7 models in uShip’s Top 25, nearly twice as many as Honda and Chevy, which had 4 each. The Ford Mustang took home top honors of all models, one of 3 Fords in the top 10.

Despite the Honda Accord being the most-researched car on, it was the 13th most-shipped car on uShip in 2012.  In fact, the Honda Civic ranked higher at No. 6.

Blue MustangToyota had 3 total entries on the list:  Camry (No. 4), Corolla (No. 7) and Prius (No. 23).

Jeep and Dodge each had two cars or light trucks ranked, while Nissan and European imports BMW and Audi each had one car make the list – the BMW 3-Series at No. 8, the Nissan Altima at No. 10, and the Audi A4 at No. 20.
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