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Ten Impressive Logistics Facts That’ll Make You More Interesting

Let’s admit it, logistics just aren’t that sexy. Most people take it for granted because stuff just shows up and life goes on. What most don’t realize is that logistics are simply white hot right now. In 2016 alone, over 44 companies have gone public or been bought. It doesn’t 2017 will be any different.

Since it’s tough to stay on top of all the breaking transportation news, allow us to offer this cheat sheet of 10 interesting logistics facts that’ll not only make you the most interesting person at the dinner table, but help steer the conversation clear of the table taboos topics: politics, religion and sex.

What’s in your drone?
    1. Amazon Prime Air recently made its first drone delivery in the UK, taking 13 minutes to reach a rural customer who ordered a FIRE TV streaming device and some popcorn.
    2. Amazon is beefing up its logistics infrastructure with planes, trucks and warehouses, potentially challenging FedEx and UPS. Will it happen? It could but not anytime soon.
    3. FedEx processes 1.3 million packages PER NIGHT at its Memphis sorting facility, and expects to deliver 25 million package on a single day during the holidays.
    4. Uber Technologies, along with setting up self-driving cars in Pittsburgh (not Philadelphia like your fact-challenged mother thinks), has also announced Uber Freight. Meanwhile, the company lost $800 million in Q3 2016 despite its $60 billion valuation.
    5. Otto, an Uber company, completed its second self-driving truck test in December. The first delivery was 50,000 cans of beer in Colorado, the second trip tested the truck’s ability to navigate traffic on the Ohio Turnpike. Both tests apparently went off without a hitch.

      Otto makes the ultimate beer run.
    6. Self-driving trucks ARE actually piloted by a professional driver, contrary to what some believe. So, how does a trucker keep busy while piloting a driver-less truck? Check out our extensive list.
    7. Drone deliveries are cool, but what about big stuff? For that, there’s uShip, which recently made its 1 millionth larger-than-parcel delivery.
    8. Stores at the mall are offering such HUGE discounts because of an inventory glut and from e-commerce sales. They simply want to get rid of the stuff.
    9. A man is attempting to see all 203 countries relying on no money and largely on shipping containers. He’s reached half so far. Frequent Freighter Miles, anyone?
    10. Dr. Henry Heimlich, developer and champion of the anti-choking technique, died at 96 on Dec. 17. It could be said he started a “movement” and therefore relevant to logistics (in case you were wondering).
Dr. Henry Heimlich