Self-Driving Semis: Otto Makes Its Second Delivery

About a month ago the country watched as Otto’s self-driving truck made its first successful delivery. The 120 mile trek from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Colorado, started before dawn and went off without a hitch. Otto hauled 45,000 special edition cans of Budweiser while its driver let go of the wheel on Interstate 25…. Read More

How to Ditch the Santa Suit & Make Some Real Money

It was around this time a couple years ago that I struggled to rub two dollars together. I was trying to ride the train of seasonal work and cash in like most post grads. I applied for all the normally seasonal jobs but the thought of standing in a retail store with people asking me… Read More

How to Haul the Most Famous Christmas Tree in America

With another Thanksgiving in the books, millions of people are starting their Christmas tree search. Picking just the right one can carry a bit of pressure. Perhaps no one has more pressure picking a tree than Erik Pauze. You’ve probably never heard of Erik. He’s the guy responsible selecting the world’s most visible Christmas tree:… Read More

Veteran’s Day Salute

uShip proudly works alongside more than 2,000 of our nation’s veterans. Here we take a moment to honor a few who are connected to the uShip family in various ways. We thank each and every one of our military service members for their service to this country, not only today, but everyday. Meet Mary Ellen… Read More

Moving On: From Newcastle to London

Newcastle, I love you but I have to go This feels like a relationship that had to end. I’ve been with you from styling my hair cut to be like Dec’s in Byker Grove all the way to trying to out party the cast from Geordie Shore. I have put up with the below average… Read More

Election Special: Moving to Canada in 5 Easy Steps

Well, early voting has begun! Regardless of your political persuasion and what current presidential campaign poll you choose to believe, it seems not a day goes by that doesn’t include someone talking about moving to Canada depending on the election outcome. If you’re seriously considering making tracks for the Great White North, we’ve put together… Read More

uShip’s Strangest PPC Search Queries

Back in 2011 we compiled a list of uShip’s Top 13 Strangest PPC Search Queries. Now, we’re bringing it back for a 2016 look into The 17 Strangest uShip PPC search queries. When a shipper googles something that brings them to uShip, Google sends us a report of their search query. This helps us get an inside… Read More

The Lesser Known Logistics Strategy Behind D-Day

Today, June 6th, marks the 72nd Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. On the first day alone, it took 1,000+ planes and 5,000+ ships to transport 160,000 Allied troops into action. It would become the largest amphibious invasion in human history, and marked the beginning of liberating occupied France. A lesser known fact is… Read More

Giant Space Shuttle Fuel Tanked Hauled Through LA

Yup, that happened. The 150 foot long fuel tank going from New Orleans to California via the Panama Canal was spotted in transport on its way to the California Science Center. At 66,000-pounds, the shuttle fuel tank moved at a speed of 5 mph through LA while being guided by a team of eight men on… Read More