#2 of 10 – Mad Men on the Road

Mad Men_Furniture!

In case you haven’t been following along, we’re celebrating uShip’s ten year anniversary by showcasing the top ten shipments and shipping stories of the last ten years on uShip. Here’s #2 – the furniture from the set of AMC’s Mad Men!

Sometimes you do charitable things and they go off without a hitch. Sometimes what’s supposed to be a four-day charitable venture ends up being a 17-day fiasco spread through multiple cities and with multiple “Why God, why?” moments.

That was the story with one charitable act on the part of a group of uShippers in the uShip Help on Wheels RV, a vehicle purchased for hand delivering items to benefit those less fortunate. This particular shipment featured classic furniture from the hit show that would have been seen in Madison Avenue offices in the height of the 1960’s. The furniture was sold by Lionsgate and LA-based auction house Auction Cause, a charitable auction house that gives the proceeds to various charities. uShip stepped in to offer free shipping so even more of the proceeds could benefit those in need.

The trip was supposed to involve a group of uShippers driving out to LA, picking up the furniture, dropping off a few pieces themselves and then storing the rest at the uShip headquarters in Austin for other service providers to pick up. Instead, they were faced with multiple RV breakdowns (and mental ones), flat tires, and frequent, sketchy sleeping arrangements which drew the trip out almost three weeks. Despite the many trials and tribulations of being on the road, all furniture was successfully delivered – they even found some hidden treasures among the set. Here are some high-level numbers:

  • 17 days on the road
  • 5 RV breakdowns
  • 4 nights with no heat or electricity in a desert container yard
  • 5 days in Vegas (while waiting for repairs)
  • 15000 lbs of hay delivered and hauled (shipment added on during one of the delays)
  • 1 original Mad Men script
  • 1 pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes from the set
  • 30 deliveries
  • 30 satisfied customers


Found original Mad Men scripts in Don Draper’s desk and reenacted scenes from the show at the uShip headquarters.

Shipping highlight?

Delivered all furniture undamaged and with very high satisfaction.

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