Celebrity Watercraft: James Bond ‘Moonraker’ Boat Moved on uShip

Celebrity Watercraft - James BondFor the last 50 years, the James Bond spy films have always pushed the limits of cinema action sequences.  The latest rendition – Skyfall, with Daniel Craig as Bond, hits theaters November 9 (U.S.) and doesn’t appear it’ll be any different.  Even back in the 70’s and 80’s, the films were pushing the envelope – in particular with the sleek-looking boats jumping over stuff (see picture from “Live and Let Die”).

We recently caught wind one of the Bond boats – a Glastron-Carlson Scimitar – was transported on uShip.  Apparently, this 27’ boat was one of 20 boats made for the 1979 “Moonraker” movie.  The watercraft was never used in production, so has been sitting idle in a climate-controlled storage unit in South Carolina for 33 years since the film wrapped.

The boat was recently purchased as a birthday gift and needed a 2,900-mile, cross-country shipping trip to Northern California.

Enter Dave Profer (uShip ID: buck1221), a transporter on uShip who ranks #162 in boat shipping.  Dave has been on uShip since 2010 and holds a 100% positive feedback score.

The Bond boat shipper accepted Dave’s $3,408 bid after the two exchanged Q&A on the listing.  He was able to book a motorcycle on the backhaul, essentially paying his fuel expenses.  Dave was fortunate to get the backhaul given the gas prices in California.
When he went through Knoxville, Tenn., he paid $3.79 a gallon.  In Reno, he shelled out $4.40 a gallon.

Celebrity Watercraft - James Bond 2After the seller made some trailer repairs, Dave used his 1-ton Dodge dually to do the job.  After shrink-wrapping the boat at the origin by the owner’s request, it turns out Dave only had to take it
to Reno, Nev., just on the other side of the California state line, and not several more hours to The Wine Country.  The boat buyer, who had California plates on his trailer and truck, came over to get the trailered boat and bring it into the state – the safest bet given likely trouble Dave would have experienced by inspectors as he went across the border with out-of-state plates.

So, has Dave ever moved such a valuable load in the past?  “Sure,” he says.  “I’ve hauled more valuable things than that beautiful boat.  But I’d never seen a boat that old that was that clean. It had only two small scratches on it.  That’s it.”

He did say looking at it in his rear view mirrors made him feeling he was hauling a Corvette due to the wrap-around safety glass windshield.  This vintage of Glastron/Carlson Scimitar also featured power seats, a center console, overhead switch panel, and a hard top with removable tinted roof panels.  Not surprisingly, it was selected Boat of the Year by Powerboat magazine.

Incidentally, the company that first manufactured Glastron boats was founded almost exactly 56 years ago – October 14, 1956 – in Austin, Texas, which also happens to be the home base of uShip.

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