CIO Magazine: 8 Tips to Increase IT Worker Retention [featuring uShip]

CIOHiring new employees is one thing, but keeping them on board is another.  CIO Magazine recently interviewed uShip CEO Matt Chasen about what the company is doing to increase worker retention.

Given the technical nature of CIO, the article tends to focus on IT and developers, but the tips shared by Chasen are pretty universal when it comes to keeping employees — especially star employees — happy at any company, no matter the industry or focus.

“What we’ve done well [at uShip] is create a great culture. That is what I have found to be the most effective in retaining and attracting talent,” Chasen told

Chasen also cites helping employees grow, hiring from within, offering monetary awards along with additional perks among key points of keeping employees retained.

So is all this retention stuff really working?  Consider this:  In July 2012, uShip had a 1.5 percent turnover rate, which is half of the national average of 3.0%, according to Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS).

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