Don’t DIY: How to Move this Summer the Easy, Affordable Way

Over 20 million Americans are moving this summer.  Many reserve a DIY truck, believing this will save time and money.  However, data shows it can actually be cheaper to hire a professional mover.

Take Jeff and Nicole MacDonald. After trying every DIY method available (4 moves in 5 years), they discovered uShip and tried it for their recent relocation from Austin to Bend, Ore. 

Jeff calculated renting a truck would run $2400. But on uShip, they accepted an $1800 bid from JP Transport, a fully-insured uShip Power Provider who was headed west with extra space.  The couple was thrilled:  huge savings, no back pain, and limited time off work.

The graphic below shows those who rent a truck to save a buck, usually don’t:

Don't DIY

Check out footage and pictures from the Jeff and Nicole MacDonald’s Move   

 (Includes footage and interviews with MacDonalds and JP Transport, 3:31, 1080p)

The MacDonalds’ Original Moving Listing on


MacDonald's Move

The MacDonalds’ Moving Listing on Since movers JP Transport were already in the area, they bid on the move and won the job.


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